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These Rare And Powerful Historical Pictures Will Make You Rethink About The World

"A picture is worth a thousand words." I find this idiom interesting and relatable because I also think that a picture makes big revelations. The quote is relatable because it is something that applies to our daily lives and if I can be more specific this stands true for historical pictures. Now you may be wondering how? But it is simple. We take pictures to preserve a memory, and same is the case with the historical photographs. Sometimes, a simple picture can show you what exactly was going on in the world then.  Here, we have gathered some historical pictures that are either of an event or of a historical figure. These pictures tell us stories that we may not have heard. I am sure that you will enjoy knowing more about these pictures. So, let us take a look at them now.         

Mickey Mouse gas mask. 

This was the gas mask that was designed by Walt Disney during World War II. It was aimed to keep children safe from the chemical warfare. The mask is currently located at The United States Army Chemical Corps Museum, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.     

106-year-old woman protecting home.

From 1988-1994, Armenia was involved in a war that is known as Artsakh Liberation War. This picture was taken in 1990 where a 106-year-old woman is seen protecting her home with an AK-47. 

David Hilton and family.

In this picture, the David Hilton's family is seen posing in front of a pump organ because they did not want to reveal that Hiltons lived in a sod house.   

Dancer exposing herself in the courtroom.

Well, this woman is trying to prove her innocence before the judge. The woman was arrested for showing her private parts to an undercover cop. She is trying to show that the bikini briefs were large enough to show any of her private body parts.     

The first known picture of Taj Mahal.

Dr John Murray took this picture of Taj Mahal and is recognised as the first picture taken of the monument located in Agra, India.   

Blind girl.

This picture is often seen at exhibitions all around the world, and Christer Strömholm took it in 1963. It is a picture of an anonymous girl who was blinded by the explosions in Hiroshima.   

The International Opium Convention.

This picture is of International Opium Convention that took place in 1912.  

First known wheelie. 

It is one of the significant firsts in the history. The picture was taken in 1936, and it is regarded as the first wheelie.  

George W Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger.   

This is the picture of Arnold and former United States President George W Bush doing tobogganing.  

Andromeda Galaxy.

This was the first identifiable picture of the Andromeda Galaxy that was taken by Issac Roberts in 1988.  

Tom Baker working on a site.

Tom Baker became the doctor in the fictional series Doctor Who in 1974. The former monk worked on a building site before being cast in the role.     

Original Star Trek Starship Enterprise model.

This is the picture of people who designed the original Star Trek Starship Enterprise Studio Model. The model was used to film the original television series.    

Burning of bodies.

This picture was taken illegally by a member of Sonderkomando. The picture shows the burning bodies of victims of Auschwitz II-Birkenau.   

Hitler and frostbitten soldier.

In this picture, a frostbitten soldier is trying to salute Hitler, but he stops him from doing it.  

Tony Kiritsis act. 

Tony Kiritsis held the man named Richard Hall hostage on Feb. 10, 1977, after a three-day standoff with police. 

The use of a teleprompter. 

This is the picture from Dwight Eisenhower's presidential campaign. He was the first President to use a teleprompter. 

Teddy Roosevelt in an aeroplane.

This picture was taken on 11th October 1910, and Teddy Roosevelt became the first president of the US to fly in an aeroplane.   

Miniskirt protests in New York. 

This picture is telling you a story. I don't think there is anything that I must say.    

Ronald Reagan, Serena and Venus Williams.

Serena and Venus Williams with the former President of the US Ronald Reagan and his wife at a tennis camp in Florida.