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This Satirical Artwork Will Open Your Eyes And Show You The Mirror Of Reality

Time and again we have been bombarded with the thought of giving up those bad habits. From that fundamental habit of procrastination to the deadly habit of smoking, we humans just cannot arrive at a solution at the right time. It is only when we have lost enough that we are awakened by the loss. Most of the times the case is of blaming the world to be absurd and too demanding. Here are some illustrations by the cartoonist Alex Gamsu Jenkins that tug at the queer life of humans.Irregular eating habits, unhealthy sleeping patterns and positions, careless eating habits and a messy state of mind, humans are an oddly funny species. We all know that our health is suffering due to immense pollution in the atmosphere and due to the natural calamities. With the rising human population, there are problems on the rise, too. Have a look at these illustrations that will question your thought process.

When even after quitting...

There are eyes on that packet of cigarettes.

Suffering because of our own habits.

That sitting and munching turns out to be darn harmful.Courtesy

That depressed state of mind...

This is a common sight these days.

When the first thing that humans see these days after waking up is...

Their 'smartphone'.

The brutal reailty off humankind.

Indifference and carelessness.

That intricate labyrinth in everyone's brain.

Trying to jump to a decision is as difficult.

Even on barren land.

It is our devices that one wants to get hooked to.

Waiting in anticipation!

The good days, when everything will be fine, for a clearer sky.

For watering our own brains is much needed...

The food for thought.

When we try it all to get a new perspective altogether.

To get the best of it.

For this is a common sight...

The aquatic life is suffering.

Those unhealthy eating habits...

Take a toll on our health and well-being.

When the aeroplane is in an emergency.

When there is a demo of the safety instructions.

Those cravings for all the junk food.

Yes, it is very harmful for us. 

A puff here and there just to release the stress.

Amidst all that is going around us.

For we must share whatever all that we have got...

Selfishness takes you nowhere.

When one person's action has not served as a lesson for the other.

This will be the result.

When one is suffering from a disease...

And he has to see others enjoy, it is very hurtful.

Instead of studying and learning...

The millennials are busy hogging at their social media profiles. 

This one speaks volumes.

The harmful effects of smoking, bad health, bad thoughts... Nothing good!

For worry makes you..

Sick and sad.

Just following the rut...

Without giving a second thought.

May be that friend of your needs your help...

Look out for him and help him get out of that state of mind.

Do these healthier options look like 'out-of-this-world' objects to the junk food lover?

A big YES, there!Visit his Instagram profile, here.We hope these illustrations were helpful in bringing the satire of the everyday human life in front of you.If you like to read what I write, feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.comStay tuned, folks.