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15 Most Expensive Animals Guaranteed To Drain Your Life Savings Away 

Having a pet is like having a new family member in the house. By far the most popular pets are cats and dogs but people don't settle for cats and dogs, do they? Some go as far as to get a pet python! Imagine a python slithering in front of you, and the owner says it's a pet. Pets come in all shapes and sizes but seldom we know they come at exorbitant prices too! Some of them were fetched for one million dollars! These days, a trend is on to own exquisite animals and birds as pets.So, we at WittyFeed would like to bring you a list of 15 such pets that would drain your life savings, if you decide to buy them.      

15. Toucan - $6,000 

Dark body with a beautiful beak and red color at the end of it is what makes a Toucan stand out from other birds. Native to the Caribbean region, the cost of these birds can go up to $6,000. Source

14. De Brazza's Monkey - $10,000

It is named after an Italian explorer Di Brazza. The monkey has an orange-colored crest and a white beard like feature, which makes it look different from other monkey breeds. Its price tag is also different. For just $10,000, it can be yours.  Source 

13. Hyacinth Macaw - $12,000

To be found in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, the Macaw has beautiful features, particularly the blue wings and long beak. These exquisite features make them stand out and give them a sizable price tag of $12,000. Source  

12.  Palm Cockatoo - $16,000

Here's a majestic bird and for only $16,000, it can be yours. The Palm Cockatoo is known for its beautiful feathers and the color changing red patch when it gets excited.  Source 

11. Savannah cat - $20,000

The stride, the anatomy and the features of the Savannah cat are something to admire. The leopard like features combined with friendly nature, the cat costs a whopping $20,000! Source   

10. Arabian Horse - $30,000

This breed of horse is a class apart! Black in color, beautiful mane and an arched back make it a majestic steed. But it comes at a premium. All you need is to give a cheque of $30,000.   Source  

9. Lavender Albino Ball Python - $40,000

It will slither, it would eat you, it will snake on you literally and figuratively. But hey! It's cute! So let's splash $40,000 on it! On the upside, your home will be rat-free. Source  

8. Chimpanzee - $60,000

One of the closest relatives of ours - matching over 95% of our genetic blueprint, loving, intelligent, caring and quite the status symbol to carry around, a chimpanzee would cost a person $60,000. Source   

7. Stag Beetle - $89,000

Stag beetles are priced around $10 but in 1999, a Japanese businessman shelled out $89,000 for a giant 3-inch long stag beetle. Bugs hold a special place in the hearts of Japanese, perhaps that's why he paid such a whopping amount of money for it.    Source 

6. White lion cubs - $140,000  

$140,000 for a cute looking pet with chances that it will grow up and eat you someday seems quite a brilliant investment! No pun intended but that's the case. White lion cubs are born because of an extreme genetic mutation. Owing to the rarity, they are priced at a whopping $140,000. Source     

5. Sir Lancelot Encore - $150,000

Labradors are lovely, aren't they? They are one of the friendliest dogs and when a person loses one, he really does lose a big chunk of his life. Not the couple from England who spent a whopping $155,000 to clone their dog after its sudden death. The cloning was successful and Sir Lancelot Encore came to the world.  Source  

4. Miss Missy - $1,200,000

For just 1.2 million dollars one can get this beautiful cow, which looks like a normal cow and performs all the functions of a normal cow. So why the hype? Well, Missy won seven championships and winning does come at a price, doesn't it? A price of just $1.2 million. Source  

3. Tibetan Mastiff - $2,000,000

Normally, a Mastiff costs about $750,000 but a particular Mastiff in China's luxury pet auction went for $2,000,000. He could've easily bought a few Ferrari cars with this amount.  Source   

2. Green Monkey - $16,000,000

If you were expecting an exotic green monkey, we're sorry. The Green Monkey is actually a horse whose owner saw a lot of potential in it with regards to making money in horse racing. He acquired the horse for just $16,000,000 but the horse never actually won a race! We told you, never skip lessons on economics in school.     

1. White Alligator - Priceless! 

There are somethings money cannot buy and a White Alligator is one of those things. The fact that they are so rare, makes it impossible to put any price tag on it. But for the sake of value, in 2001 their cost was around $700,000 each. But this sparked off several debates.  Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.