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Bride Breastfeeds Her Child While Getting Married And Sets A New Benchmark For Mothers

Danielly Katsue, who lives in Cuiabá, Brazil, should be entitled as the best mother of the year for the reason that will stun you and at the same time make you happy! Breastfeeding is one of the most emotional and sacred sights to be seen in the world, isn't it? While Danielly, 24, was exchanging her vows with husband Kale Rios, 26, she was seen breast feeding her three-month-old baby Kauã.  Photographer Monica Carvalho captured these priceless moments at Danielly's wedding and, decided to share them on Instagram. She says, ''These show that women can breastfeed their babies'no matter what the time or place is."This is absolutely true. Here, check out more of her pictures from the wedding.  

This is Danielly Katsue 

Danielly hails from Cuiabá, Brazil, and studies at the University of Cuiabá.  


Monica, who captured these pictures explained how she was initially worried about sharing them online since she wasn't sure how people would react to it. ''I was scared at first, but I was pretty sure people would find it as beautiful as I did'', she said. 

However, people loved it!

''Fortunately, a majority of people loved the images. Many said they were moved by the images, which is enough to know that I did a beautiful job", she added. 

"Women should feel confident and proud.."

"..about breastfeeding their babies, no matter the time, place, or who's looking."


These photographs of Danielly breastfeeding her baby while getting married have received truck loads of appreciation and response with many taking it to social media to praise her!

One of the persons wrote this

''I thought it was beautiful for this mother to do that. Wonderful photo. Congratulations.''While another one stated, ''This bride is perfection''. One more person said this,  ''What a beautiful picture! So much love in one photo.''

But not all responses came in as appreciations

Some people accused the bride of breastfeeding just to 'get attention' and while others thought it was 'inappropriate.' But, I think it was an amazing and lovely sight, nothing can beat this! What do you think?Via Daily MailYou can reach out to me on drishti@wittyfeed.com for feedbacks/suggestions. Stay tuned!