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These People Had A Good Time In Bed With Strangers But Their Regrets Tell A Different Story 

As we proudly wander around this world in which thoughts of 'privacy' are things of the past, we have come to notice some trends, which are centred around showcasing certain moments of the individual's life that are not meant to be documented.Before you make a prediction and judge me for being a cranky old man, let me tell you that I don't care what you may think, but what's wrong is wrong, and some of you may agree with me. And if the first thing you do right after having sex is to take selfies, then yes, I'm a man to be born in the Y-generation era.  Ever since the hashtag #AfterSexSelfies has become popular on the internet, Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook, some places are filled with pictures where people brag about 'just had sex'. And believe me, some of them are awkward as they were taken right after having sex with strangers or with people who didn't know each other well. Have a look!       

#1 Selfish love! 

What's wrong with the guy? He could've brought a cup for her as well. Selfish.

#2 With sir.

Okay, so this guy picked up his best mate's ex and things got awkward.  

#3 Worst decision of her life. 

We're not sure about the orgasms but one thing is sure. This girl will never forget this morning.  

#4 Oops.

The girl appears to be finding a way to go home or leave this place.   

#5 I mean, what?

Dude, you don't need to ask us what you just did. It's all visible and we're not kids.   

#6 Why, at first place? 

If they wanted to hide their faces, then why did they share the picture? Sheer waste.  

#7 There's one thing.

There's one thing about this picture; this guy is lucky to have a girlfriend who doesn't speak! (No pun intended). 

#8 Where's the girl?

Well, guys like this? They just bore girls by flaunting their tattoos in the dark. Ain't you got some other tools boy?  

#9 What Germans do?

Well, it seems what Germans do after sex is a bit different from what is done in other countries.  

#10 Psyched.

This lad has just got laid for the first time and that too with the friend of his cousin. That's some real deal. 

#11 That's why her place...

Well, it's one thing having it at your place and its the other way to have it at other place.      

#12 Two-minute fame. 

So, he couldn't do it all night and couldn't wait till the morning; so they decided to take the selfie straightway.  

#13 Face of shame?

Well, this guy doesn't look much happy with his performance. Better luck next time brother, there's always a second chance.