On In

#1 Selfish love! 

What's wrong with the guy? He could've brought a cup for her as well. Selfish.

#2 With sir.

Okay, so this guy picked up his best mate's ex and things got awkward.  

#3 Worst decision of her life. 

We're not sure about the orgasms but one thing is sure. This girl will never forget this morning.  

#4 Oops.

The girl appears to be finding a way to go home or leave this place.   

#5 I mean, what?

Dude, you don't need to ask us what you just did. It's all visible and we're not kids.   

#6 Why, at first place? 

If they wanted to hide their faces, then why did they share the picture? Sheer waste.  

#7 There's one thing.

There's one thing about this picture; this guy is lucky to have a girlfriend who doesn't speak! (No pun intended). 

#8 Where's the girl?

Well, guys like this? They just bore girls by flaunting their tattoos in the dark. Ain't you got some other tools boy?  

#9 What Germans do?

Well, it seems what Germans do after sex is a bit different from what is done in other countries.  

#10 Psyched.

This lad has just got laid for the first time and that too with the friend of his cousin. That's some real deal. 

#11 That's why her place...

Well, it's one thing having it at your place and its the other way to have it at other place.      

#12 Two-minute fame. 

So, he couldn't do it all night and couldn't wait till the morning; so they decided to take the selfie straightway.  

#13 Face of shame?

Well, this guy doesn't look much happy with his performance. Better luck next time brother, there's always a second chance. 

#14 What is it?

Well, is there anything more seductive than shoulder? Name it.  

#15 I feel like going to her rescue.

She's beautiful, and the guy has been cuddling her all night long. Poor girl. That's all, folks!