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21 Best Travel Photos Of 2017 By Nat Geo That Are Synonymous To Incredible

Photos are a way to capture some of the most beautiful moments. When selfies or professional photographs, each click is magical in itself, able to speak volumes. From photographers all over the world bringing out something new every day and the ever-evolving photography tricks and tips doing the rounds, this world is an oyster for the shutterbugs out there. An annual competition by National Geographic, Travel Photographer of the Year, this aims to bring out the diversity of the earth with beautiful captures from the world over. There were more than 15,000 entries from which winners were selected and the three categories were people, nature, and cities. The prestigious grand prize went to Sergio Tapiro Velasco of Mexico for his out-of-this-world image of a lightning strike, shooting from a volcano's ash cloud. Velasco's picture won the first position in the nature category as well. Have a glance at the stupendous work of other photographers who made it to the list with their beautiful captures.

#1 Grand Prize Winner: The Power Of Nature, Rancho De Aguirre, Colima, Mexico

That's a powerful eruption, captured at the right instant. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY SERGIO TAPIRO VELASCO

#2 Honorable Mention, Nature: Forest Of The Fairy, Tamba, Japan

The fireflies are twinkling, they look just soo beautiful.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY Y. TAKAFUJISource

#3 Honorable Mention, Nature: Marble Caves, Chile

The rare color combination of the caves.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY CLANE GESSEL

#4 People's Choice Winner, Nature: Buff Tailed Coronet, Ecuador

In love with this and the timing of the capture.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY HYMAKAR VALLURI

#5 Third Place Winner, People: Under The Wave, Tavarua, Fiji

An adventurous surfer there, with a fire-fighter in him.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY RODNEY BURSIEL

#6 People's Choice Winner, Cities: Colorful Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Gosh! That is so vibrantly beautiful.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY KAJAN MADRASMAIL

#7 Second Place Winner, People: Interesting Moment, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

What a coincidence, everybody gazing at the painting, which is also gazing at them.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY JULIUS Y.

#8 Third Place Winner, Cities: Henningsvær Football Field, Henningsvær, Nordland, Norway

A stupendous drone capture.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY MISHA DE-STROYEV

#9 First Place Winner, People: Workship, Konya, Turkey

The dance of ecstasy by a devotee.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY F. DILEK UYAR

#10 Honorable Mention, Nature: Mt. Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

This has been captured so perfectly!PHOTO AND CAPTION BY REYNOLD DEWANTARA

#11 First Place Winner, Cities: Levels Of Reading, Stuttgart, Germany

Seen a more clear and well lit capture?PHOTO AND CAPTION BY NORBERT FRITZ

#12 Third Place Winner, Nature: Crocodiles At Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica

The enormous size and the large number of the crocodiles...PHOTO AND CAPTION BY TARUN SINHA

#13 Honorable Mention, People: The Man's Stare, Gazipur, Bangladesh

A surreal capture, when the train halted.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY MOIN AHMED

#14 Second Place Winner, Nature: To Live, Oinukake, Miyagi, Japan

Those swans are a reflection of the eternal beauty of the earth.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY HIROMI KANO

#15 Honorable Mention, Nature: In Your Face, Cuba

The shark in the stark blue waters of Cuba.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY SHANE GROSS

#16 People's Choice Winner, People: Sand Porter, Munshiganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh


#17. Honorable Mention, Cities: Al Ain, Al BuraymĪ, Muhafazat Al Buraymi, Oman

New buildings rising from the desert floor.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY ANDRZEJ BOCHENSKI

#18 Honorable Mention, Cities: Colorful Apartment, Kitagata, Gifu, Japan

Dude, this is an architectural marvel. It has such picture perfect detailing.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY TETSUYA HASHIMOTO

#19 Honorable Mention, People: Bridging Generation, New Delhi, India

A beautiful bond of love between the two generations.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY JOBIT GEORGE

#20 Second Place Winner, Cities: Walled City #08, Hong Kong

The densely packed buildings look like lego blocks.PHOTO AND CAPTION BY ANDY YEUNG