On In

When she has to lie in front of the doctor like an open book.

For him to explore, the corners!

The discrepancy between the mind and body.

Beautifully illustrated. Courtesy: Marion Fayolle

Something that should be cared for.

For it is tender and fragile, too.

Gosh! what did I just see!

That is so savagely hilarious, she has to bowl them down.


A blindfolded aim, yet so 'on point'. *Pun-intended*

*Eyes popped out*

Face in hands at this! Harsh reality of the obsession with ****s!

For this may be a case with a lot of women.

When he loses all interest.


Is the need of the hour.

Puppets, in the hands of...

Since childhood.

When their ****ies want to talk it out!

And are making it all up to meet!

What ornaments for the Christmas tree!

Wild imagination, I must say. Those apples and pears!

Ohhh fish!

The sharpening of an axe or a pencil?!

For the romantic thoughts in their minds...

Soon to be enacted...

When she blows his trumpet...

With all her 'blowing' skills! A 'job' well done!

Now that's a red flag to a bull.

All ready to attack and 'grab'!

The blindfolded being guided in an unclear direction.

Darn dangerous.

For it is one after the other... A complete trail...

Until the last one discovers only to give him a lesson. The chain of betrayal portrayed well.

For maybe she needs it both ways...

When she is not able to get over her past, there's 'something' stuck there.

No man no, she can reside on a more reliable 'bench'!

There is still place for 'a lot of others', too!

Man, can you please get over the obsession!

Fed up of the spotting, every time.

Now this is what I was looking for!

When one breaks one's own walls!

When the 'fairway' is always treated otherwise...

Unfairly! Just like a mission to accomplish.

For when she thinks...

Does she evolve and emerges a creator.

When she has to swing between the two, on a tight rope.

The indecisiveness...

The suspended love.

What they have in mind... cannot be hidden.

Now that is hilarious and outright honest.

When his 'train' wants to enter her 'cave'...

Wild imagination, this is called!

When he is 'harp'ing at her strings!

When the 'snail' wants to make its way into its cabbage...

Not slowly, obviously, though!These illustrations have left us open-mouthed with their fierce thought process!Do share with people you think can digest this.