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Things That Will Leave You In The Very Next “Stage Of Your Life'

They say every age and stage in life comes, has its own glory and maybe its own restrictions. While the body clock keeps ticking (and you can’t control it), your mind becomes the biggest block when it comes you enjoying every age and stage of your life to the fullest.Let’s take a moment off from the “volcanic pressure” that you face every day of your life. And the first thing you would say is, “hell, I can’t… you have no idea what my pressures are”. And that’s the truth; I don’t know what your situation is. But what I do know is that the more you sink into it the more you will lose your ability to be rational. It comes to a state when you are so caught up with your responsibilities and your pressures that you want to forget about things that make you happy or maybe you do it but then you ruin it by rushing through it so badly that it doesn’t really give you a high. Let’s just look at a few things that you may not be able to do in the very next “stage of your life.”(Images used in this article are for illustration purpose only)


When you turn old and haggard, you may still be able to take flights and roam around the world, what you probably won’t be able to do is the adventure, the exploration and getting to unknown lands, unless you keep your mind free of your fears and health free of hazards. But before you get to that stage, can’t you try to take some short breaks and explore places that you dreamt of going, it’s surely better than being in a furnace of liabilities and responsibilities!


Your digestive system, thanks to your food habits, ages faster than you. At some point in time, you will have to give up on the gourmet meals than you enjoy today, either bit by bit or one shot. Why not realign your food habits so that you get to eat what you want irrespective of your age and stage!


Well no matter what you do in terms of your fitness regime, there will be a time when you won’t be able to play the games you do today unless you are an ace sportsman who's always worked on fitness under a physician’s guidance! How about sparing time for your favorite sport from today till the time you can. It would be more energizing and exhausting (depending on how you take it) than sulking inside your bedroom!


You surely ...surely …won’t have the moves and the ability to experiment at some stage of life. You will, therefore, become nothing but a grumpy old man who can’t perform despite his urge for the highs! So what must you do… From now on, make every experience count…make the most of the time you get to experience it, experiment, explore… live your imagination and never try to rush it… feel and live every moment and if possible make it an ecstatic one!


Biologically, you can’t have a child beyond a certain age. If you were always happy nursing someone else’s children then you definitely have some good retirement plans in place but if you ever wanted to have your own child, someone who is a reflection of you and take your legacy forward, then you got to think about it now before you become too old to reproduce (unless you have already thought of it or are considering IVF/surrogacy)(Authored by Zaara Khader)