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Week 36, 2017 News Digest: The Major Highlights Of Global Trends In Last 7 Days 

Many incidents have occurred in last one week around the world in the field of politics, films, sports, and technology. Some new changes were made, politicians took some decisions, and the famous film stars pleased their fans with their sizzling performances. The world is changing every second, every minute, every hour, every day. So, we need to keep ourselves updated to catch up with what is happening around the world. As we all are living in a digital world, it adds more responsibilities on media to provide the latest information.This time, the world saw some great and some unexpected things, which became the topic of discussions on television channels, digital and the print media. For those of you who have missed knowing about the major events, WittyFeed brings a recap of what all happened in last one week.   

So, let me introduce you to our weekly news digest.

Here, in this weekly digest, you'll get to know about major events that took place across the world. Everything in here will keep you updated. So without wasting time, check the highlights. 

#1 Politics

In the first interview since leaving Donald Trump's administration, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon talked about the leaked 'Access Hollywood' tape. He regarded the incident as a litmus test. Then, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin said that Donald Trump is not his bride.      

#2 Movie Review

The movie, It, featuring Bill Skarsgård, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis and Jaeden Lieberher has finally hit the theatres. It is called as one of the best thriller/drama movies of the year. You can read the review of the film by critics here.     

#3 Celebrities

As we know that the remake of superhit film, Aladdin, is in the making, but guess what, it has already sparked a controversy. According to reports, the filmmakers are accused of choosing white actors in the film instead of black.  After this came the news that Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their third child.       

#4 Sports

International tennis star Maria Sharapova recently called Serena Williams intimidating and many considered it as a racial comment. After that, we created a list of curvaceous WWE divas of all time, you can check them here.     

#5 Technology

If you want to know how to use instant apps on your android devices, then click here to know the steps. Also, we've created a story on unusual things that exist on the earth, about which we don't know.     

#6 Events

It is one of the biggest sporting events, Paralympic. According to International Paralympic Committee, six medal events for swimming will not take place at 2020 Tokyo Paralympic.