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15+ Illustrations That Are Equally Mind Bending And Genius

Art isn't just a random painting or a sketch or some random lines drawn together to make a pattern new to the world and selling it later for $10 million; it's a lifestyle, a way of life, a way of escaping reality, a way of meditation. Art isn't all serious as it is depicted in the medieval art forms, sometimes it can be funny and sometimes, it can be extremely witty in nature. And what better people to look upon a witty angle of something than WittyFeed. So we at WittyFeed would like to bring to you 15+ such illustrations that depict the insanely funny, witty angle in art while being a genius at the same time. We grabbed these from the brilliant Shuffle Sketch page from Facebook. Are you excited to know more? All you have to do is scroll down and let you inner Picasso flow.

Crack through the cracks.

We loved how the glacier serves two purposes in the image.


The dog seems very joyous and happy.

Woof the grey.

Doesn't the cutie pie looks like Gandalf?

You expected something else?

We saw what he did there.

Simba the vanilla.

That's a lion's share of ice-cream. Would you like to grab one?

Fixing the environment.

This powerful masterpiece sends a strong message. 

There's no end to dogs is it?

Correction: There's no end to dogs and helicopters, is it?

Princess or Jellyfish? 

That's such a beautiful combination, the jellyfish suits the princess quite well.

That's quite the tentacles she's having.

Here we can see another princess having a jellyfish as her bottom. What's with jellyfishes and princesses? 

Oh hell no! 

We'll never look at our toilets again, at least the same way.

The sugary devil.

Desserts are pure evil, in case you didn't know, this illustration proved it. 

The owl dandelion. 

That's one dandelion we would love to have in our life, just look at how brilliantly the fur of the owl is matching with the shape of dandelion.

Exploring the depths.

Exploring the depths of her inner forest, checking on the ecosystem, looking for any anomalies perhaps? 

Kim K?

Is that Kim Kardashian? We cannot guarantee it, but it looks like the eyes of a spider.