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Daddy-Daughter Duos Where Dads Are Victims Of Mind Boggling Creativity

Parents love children irrespective of their genders. It is often observed that sons are more attached to their mothers while dads to their daughters! We don't know why but it is so. As a child even I was extremely attached to my daddy, the way he pampered me and went out of his way to do things for me and make me feel comfortable is one of the prime reasons why I'd always be highly indebted to him. There were nights when I would fall sick and he would just carry me in his arms and walk on the balcony all night long so that I could fall asleep.  When I open up the closets that contain pictures from my childhood, I find albums and albums containing my pictures. There are about two to three thousand pictures of just me! Eating, sleeping, bathing, pooping, dancing, getting a haircut, and what not?! My dad was absolutely obsessed with me. I think most dads are. Here are some crazy pictures of adorable dads letting their young daughters do stupid things to them.   

1. Beauties

This man let his daughter give him a makeover. When she finished, she said, “We look like twins, you just need more flair.” 

2. Mad

He looks frustrated but then he had the patience and was nice enough to sit there while his daughter completed her work.  

3. Awww

His toddler like it when daddy wears a bow just like her!   

4. That beard 

Her daughter showed so much creativity with daddy's beard, kudos lil girl! 

5. Best uncle ever

This little girl was afraid to wear a dress for a particular event. Her uncle stepped up and did this. WOW.   

6. Five daughters 

It's bound to happen when you have many daughters, you forget you are a man!  

7. When he wakes up

He's going to regret sleeping without clothes on when he wakes up to see this!   

8. Full make up

Thanks for holding the makeup palette, daddy. You look so pretty with that makeup on!   

9. What did I just see? 

He lets her daughter design her leg hair like these. What-a-dad! Didn't that hurt? 

10. Even Arnold 

Even the star dad wasn't spared from being a part of the 'Dress-up Dad' club!    

11. That look

He's trying to look comfortable and happy but the look on his face says it all!  

12. When you have so many daughters 

This is bound to happen to you!  But look at his face!   

13. Practise makes you perfect 

Such a cool dad, letting little daughter practice her skills on his fingers, happily! 

14. Single dad

“As a single dad, this pretty much sums up my life right now.”  

15. Just let me sleep 

Whatever it takes to keep them occupied for a while, until daddy can take a quick power nap!  

16. Daddy dear

Looks so happy, sitting down there with his little daughters and the pet doggy.  

17. Wolf and Goldilocks 

Daughter wanted to be the wolf, so dad was left with no choice but to be the Goldilocks.  

18. Nice man

This man works at a shelter, a little girl there asked him if she could do his hairstyle? He agreed to it and ended up like this.   

19. Matching toe nails 

Daddy-daughter nail polish goals? Accomplished like a pro!  

20. Foster daddy 

A foster dad did whatever it took to convince his daughter that ballet wasn’t going to be scary.

21. Camera shy?

The two were camera shy after daughter styled her daddy's hair. Mommy captured this!   

22. Beautiful 

No doubt that daddy looks extremely pretty and handsome in that make-over given by his little daughter. 

23. Too much to handle 

Mario Lopez’s sweet moment with his daughter is almost too much to handle.  

24. Wants to be a fashion designer? 

She’ll be thanking her dad at award shows in 30 years from now for her fashion designs! Mark my words.  

25. Unforgettable  

These are going to be the bonding moments neither of them will forget but rather cherish for life!

26. Well, there's TV

He's good with whatever little angel is up to!   

27. Exhausted

Looks like he has had enough for the day. He seems exhausted!  

28. Mermaid and Mer-dad

The little mermaid and her mer-dad taking a scroll at the Disney land like pros!   

29. Savage

This little girl is going places, she's savage AF! Just look at that.