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15 Bizarre Wedding Rituals That Will Shock You 

Ask anyone what has been the biggest and the most eagerly awaited day of his/her life and the chances are that - that person would say his/her wedding day. The wedding is one of the biggest days in one's lifetime and with a great reason. The sheer hype, the excitement, the joy and the magnitude make it so. But sometimes marriages are more complicated than kissing your wife on the aisle. It could require not using the washroom for three days, marrying a tree and many other rituals. So through this article, we would like to show you bizarre marriage customs. Want to know more? Scroll down.     

1. Blackening of the bride 

There is a bizarre tradition in Scotland. The bride and the groom are tied to a place with the help of tapes and adhesives. Then, all the food and trash are thrown at them. There is a purpose behind this custom. It is believed that if the couple can withstand this, they can withstand anything. 

2. Spitting on the bride

If you thought blackening the bride wasn't enough in Africa, here is more for your knowledge. Bride's father spits on her head at first and then on her breasts. It is done because, in Masai tradition, spitting is considered respectful.  Source

3. Kissing the bride and groom

No, the bride and groom don't kiss each other, just yet, but this bizarre Swedish tradition allows all the men to kiss the bride and all the ladies to kiss the groom. If you're the jealous type, we'd suggest you NOT to marry in Sweden.   

4. Beating the groom's feet

In South Korea, the groom doesn't have it easy. The South Korean ritual requires people to beat the groom's bare feet with a stick and in some rare cases with a dried fish! Although painful, this ritual gets over quickly.  Source

5. The money dance

No, this has nothing to do with Floyd Mayweather. Rather, it's a Polish tradition where the male guests agree to pay for dancing with the bride. Perhaps the only place you can pay for a dance and not be afraid of your wife finding it out.    Source

6. Not using bathroom for three days

This Indonesian Tidong community's tradition is bizarre. The bride and the groom aren't allowed to use the bathroom for 3 consecutive days after their wedding. One would wonder why the couple is subjected to such a torture but in the Tidong community, it's natural. It is said that not following the tradition would bring bad luck to the couple.   Source 

7. Bridesmaid blockade

In China, if the groom wants to meet his bride, he must face the bridesmaid blockade. Bridesmaid's friends make a protective barrier and imposing certain conditions which need to be satisfied before letting the groom meet the bride. This is done to test the groom's love for his bride. Source  

8. Crying ritual of China

Naturally, a bride would be emotional on the day of her wedding but crying one month before is an overkill. But this happens in China. Tujia people of China practice this custom where the bride has to shed tears, an hour, a day and a month before she ties the knot. And it isn't uncommon for her mother and other friends to join in.  Source 

9. Marrying a tree

In India, some women are considered cursed because they were born when both Mars and Saturn were under the seventh house. They are named as Manglik. What does that mean? That means that if they'll get married, their husband would suffer a premature death and that's why they first marry a tree to break the curse.  Source 

10. French's toilet tradition

From the bizarre to the ridiculous, this French tradition requires one to drink the leftover alcohol from a toilet bowl. But listen to us, in case you were wondering to get a French wedding, don't cancel your plans as over the years this tradition has lost its charm and is no longer practiced. Source 

11. Whale's tooth as a gift

You thought your wife was demanding? In Fiji, a common practice for the groom is gifting a Whale's tooth to the wife. Husband's love is not considered real unless he dives hundreds of meters to face the largest mammal and extract its tooth.     Source

12. Graveside wedding in Russia

From Russia with love. In Russia, the bride and groom can visit The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow to get married. We don't know why would a couple choose to do so, but we are quite intrigued anyway.  Source

13. Love Spoons in Wales 

Welsh custom took the word 'spooning' to the next level because this custom demands the beau to present his lover with a meticulously crafted spoon, indicating he'll stay and feed her for life. Source 

14. My big ‘rich’ Greek wedding

Greeks always find a way to impress. Their nude statues are impressing and so are their extravagant weddings. In Greece, a tradition allows the guests to pay and pin money on the bride and groom's dresses while they enjoy their first dance.Believe it or not, this custom is considered as an honour for the guests.  Source

15. Bigger is better

In Mauritania, bigger is better. No, we aren't talking about the size of gentlemen's sausage, we're talking about the size of the wife. There, it is said that a fatty wife signifies that the man can provide in excess for his family.   Source