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After Buying The Chocolate, She Freaked Out When She Saw This (Video) 

Just like Joey, are you also among those people who don't share food? But what if someone eats your chocolate before you do? And that person is a worm? GROSS, isn't it? But let me give you a reality check. This happens, not occasionally, but many times as people find worms or maggots in their chocolate or food.  If it is about health, I don't think it is worth taking the risk. Some say it is the fault of the manufacturer, while some blame the shop keepers. But does it matter? What all it signifies is that a truly trusted global brand provides such a poor quality item.    A few days back, Rachael Vile posted some pictures on Facebook in which she captured maggots coming out of her Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Yes, maggots. She recognised it after eating half of it. She even marked it to company's official Facebook page. Rachael's FB account shows her to be a resident of US.  Keep scrolling to see the clips she shared.           

Ferrero Rocher

Rachael Vile posted the images and videos that read, "Never eating these again!!!! This is what my roommate and I found. Maggots in every single one. Ferrero Rocher what the hell?!? I always bought these but this whole thing and I already ate half!?!? My roommate caught it. I'm never buying from this company again. Share this so people are aware. Please!!!" 

Here's the video

Ohh God! It's gross. 

The maggots can be clearly seen

You will be shocked to know that the expiry date mentioned on the wrapper was 2018.

Ferreo Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate produced by the Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA. Approximately 3.6 billion Ferrero Rochers are sold each year in over 40 countries. 

OMG!! This was supposed to be my favourite one

What about you? Were you also a huge fan of the same chocolate? Well, this is how people respond to the same. 

He needs maggots for fishing

As I said, this happens every other day

This lady has something important to say

Maggots taste good... GROSS!

They are rich in proteins... Well, this is what Bear Gills believes   

This isn't the first time that Ferrero is caught in such a dispute. Earlier, several videos got viral on social media in which maggots were seen coming out from the freshly packed boxes of this chocolate.A gentle request to you readers as well. Please do monitor the expiry date of products before buying them. Do share this story and let others become conscious about it. To read more of my stories, visit my WittyFeed profile.Got a story? Reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.