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Bizarre Methods Of Destruction From Around The World That Were Used In World Wars

With the world having suffered two world wars already, there were weapons that played a major role and that too, nuclear weapons. But, it is time we do not even think of any sort of destruction.This Albert Einstein quote on weapons, speaks volumes on the future of the world. Maybe, World War III will get us back to the stone age or something.“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”Today, as the use of weapons is on the the rise, along with the ever-lurking fear of terrorism, peace in this world seems to be bleak. Weapons cause nothing but damage. So, in this world where one thinks of a fight before a settlement, we get to you some of the bizarre weapons that had been once used. But, they are best left only to a knowledge and not deployed!With strange weapons ranging from remote controlled tanks and Paris Gun, have a look to be amazed at the human brain and its innovation.This list of bizarre weapons is solely for the purpose of knowledge. The content has been picked from respective Wikipedia pages.

#1. Remote Control Tanks

They are a World War II weapon, invented by the Germans. They look miniature and are called beetle tanks. They have high explosives and do no harm to the operators, unlike the usual tanks. Because they can be operated using remotes, they are here on this list.

#2. The Paris Gun

Invented in the World War I, the Paris Gun was not a good performing weapon. It was invented by the Germans and was a long range gun. Although a dangerous weapon, it was not a successful one. Its barrel also needed constant replacement.

#3. The Harmonica Pistol

It is also called a slide gun. Its strange design has brought all the attention to it. The panel would slide through the gun as it was fired. The drawback that this suffered was that it was hard to hold on to.It was invented by Jonathan Browning in 1834.

#4. The Explosive Rat

It is also called as the rat bomb. It was developed by the British to be deployed against Germany in World War II, but it could not taste success. To make this, the process was simple. A dead rat was filled with explosive materials and then set the rat bomb near the German boiler. But, alas! It wasn't successful as Germans understood the plan right away.

#5. The Sword Breaker

Generally not considered to be a weapon, but it can be used for self defence. It looks similar to a dagger. It has the ability to cut blades in the opponents' weapon!

#6. The Bat Bombs.

The aim here was to make live bats carry bombs and then drop them over the enemy. Used in World War II, it was developed by the United States, in 1942. Just like rat bombs, they weren't a successful weapon.

#7. Russian Tsar Tank

It had a tricycle approach in its design. Having a weird design, it was not easy to move, hence steadily moved out. It did not perform well as a weapon.

#8. Cane Guns

Now this is a different and a pretty secretive weapon. Who would have thought of a firearm in their walking cane? It had a hidden gun in it. They are a more portable and an easily concealed weapon.

#9. The Man Catcher

The spikes look very dangerous but they bite in very minimal. This was basically used as a man catcher only, to pull a person from a horseback, and then drag him on the ground, where he could be pinned.

#10. The 150 Tap Vespa Scooter

Surely you must not have seen stranger scooters! This scooter was introduced in 1956 by a French company under the name  Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles (ACMA). It was pretty successful in military operations and they could be driven around at the speed on 40 miles per hour, while also carrying large mounted guns.

#11. The Hand Claw

It was an easy to hide knuckle weapon. It had the ability to tear up the enemy's skin and muscles. It was a powerful device and some of the clans also used a poisonous version of this weapon. One of the most dangerous weapons from the past!

#12. Coal Torpedo

A concealed weapon,  and then releasing in the most secret way possible. They were both, simple and smart! Simply coal like objects were filled with large quantity of gunpowder and then deployed for destruction. This piece must have surely been an informational one, but they best left only to knowledge and may they never ever be deployed.Let peace prevail!