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18 Unusual Things You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Nature gives us so much to observe, to experience, to witness and expects almost nothing in return. Nature is also referred to as Mother Nature, and the analogy makes perfect sense. Like a mother, nature always gives but expects nothing in return. During our schooling, we were taught a lot of things about nature and its protection. But nature has many attributes that exist beyond the pages of text books. A large part of nature remains unexplored. We at WittyFeed would like to show you a list of more than 15 unnatural things, which at first glance, you won't believe they exist!   For instance, did you know that the green light that showed in Pirates of the Caribbean movie is a natural phenomenon? Read on if you want to learn more about it.    

Blue lava 

Indonesia's Kawah Ijen volcano has a speciality that the lava it spills out is blue in colour. The reason for such a colour is due to combustion of sulfuric gases coming in contact with air temperature, which is above 360 degrees.  

Green flash

Yep, this one is straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The Green Flash appears when the atmosphere separates the green light from the sun and reflects for a moment above the horizon.Source  

Monarch butterfly migration

Migration of Monarch Butterflies occurs when they fly towards Mexico and hibernate there.   Source

Flowering desert

This is a natural phenomenon, which occurs in the Atacama Desert in Chile where rainfall turns the desert into a valley of flowers. Source 

Everlasting storm

This everlasting storm is found in Venezuela where lightning like this occurs every other night, and it has been going on for thousands of years. Source

Sort Sol  

The Sort Sol in Denmark is a natural phenomenon where a substantial number of birds migrate after the sunset, making it a spectacular sight.    Source 

Crab migration 

The Christmas Island Red Crabs usually stay within the confines of the forest of the Christmas Island. However, they migrate during the beginning of the wet season, usually October or November. And when they migrate, they do in large numbers, as it is evident in this picture.  Source  

White rainbow

The White Rainbow is also known as fog bow, and it happens when small droplets of water get captured in the fog. And when sunlight hits them, they make a rainbow like shape, which is white in colour.  Source 

Hair ice

Hair ice is formed on the woods of broadleaf trees when in low temperatures and high humid situations, the ice takes this unusual shape. It can certainly scare people in the first glance, specially when they are unaware of the phenomenon.    Source 

Frost flowers

Frost flowers are made when thin layers of ice come out of flowers and solidify into ice. It makes for an unusual sight.  Source    

Rainbow trees

The coloured tree is named as Rainbow Eucalyptus, and its bark resembles the colour of a rainbow.Source 

Calcifying lake 

Tanzania's Lake Natron has such high amount of salt and soda content that it calcifies any creature which enters it, making them look like rocks.   Source

Danxia landforms 

Danxia Landforms, otherwise known as rainbow mountains in China is a once-a-lifetime sight to witness. The iconic marvel of nature is the result of millions of years of process. They were made when different coloured sandstone materials were pressed and buckled up. Source  

Underwater crop circles

Before you call Mulder and Scully, let us tell you that it's not an alien activity. It is a male puffer fish making these unusual patterns to impress a female puffer fish. Who knew females could be choosy there too?Source   

Bleeding glacier

The glacier intrigued scientists for many years. Firstly, it was hard to locate and secondly because of blood-like water flowing through it. Scientists finally uncovered the secret, and it was found that its due to the presence of oxidised iron in salt water.   

Living rock

The living rock is called Pyura chilensis and is found along the coast line of Chile and Peru. One of the most startling things about it is that from outside it looks like just an ordinary rock until one sees it from the inside. Its meat is edible and makes a delicacy.     Source 

Lenticular clouds 

When air is blown in multiple directions during cloud formation, the resultant cloud takes a shape like this. People used to confuse lenticular clouds for UFO's and we cannot blame them, can we?Source    

Northern lights

This is perhaps the most mind blowing natural phenomenon and happens when the electrically charged particles from the sun travel along the magnetic field lines and collide with the air particles, creating an aurora. Source