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7 Bad Girl Qualities That Have All The Capacity To Drive Men Crazy

Do men love bad girls? Or girls' knees turn into jelly when they see a bad boy approaching them? Well, this is a two-way process. Bad boys and so bad girls are irresistible! But, to take care of one's emotions, one has to deal with them, with utmost care. There are good girls whose qualities tug at the heartstrings of the man, then there are bad girls, whom men secretly fantasise. Men want to take good girls home to their mother, while bad girls drive them crazy and fuel their libido. While bad girls are perceived as bad news, but there is no resisting them, thanks to their charm and the adventurous unpredictability, in the bed! As good girls, we have often felt insecure when a bad girl approaches our man; we get all those jitters and the blood boil. But, at the same time, the involuntary drive of the man towards her is justified enough, for the MAN he is! But, why not be the bad girl for your man, to fulfil all his NEEDS? Here we get to you seven magical qualities of 'the bad girl' that your man is going to head over heels for!Cover Image Source- Photographer Natalia Mindru

#1. Seduction

Raunchiness in women drives men crazy AF! Holding back seems the toughest job on the planet when their bad girl is all decked up. Passionate kisses and long lasting hugs are what they desire.

Men love initiators, even in bed!

These women can stamp their man's mind with their interest in them. A passionate lip lock is much more preferred than a chaste lip lock. You're the lusty bad girl, he had been looking for since long. 

#2. Men love naughty women.

Let's face it! Men love sex and lots and lots of it. And when they feel all the urge, they are mesmerised with the bad girl, they last met! Guys love it when the woman has it to drive the heat in the bedroom.Cover Image Source- Photographer Natalia Mindru

Men love it when women drive the act in the bed.

They are simply bowled over if the girl initiates and does not let the adventure or the charm fade. In short, they long the 'naughty' girl.

#3. Adventure fans, love the adrenaline rush!

Men want excitement, passion and adventure! They fall for the chase and want to keep it as eventful as possible. Every adventure keeps their interest going. The traits of the bad girl take the stage, here. Men fall for women who keep them on their toes. 

The girl who keeps things fresh and is up with something new every now and then, is sure to drive men crazy.

Guys do not want to be involved in the same rut throughout the day. They do not like to stick to their stale routine throughout the day. When they get a call from their bad girl, for some fun, they do not give a second thought and rush, to make the most of it. 

#4. Call a spade a spade!

A bad girl does not beat about the bush. She is forthright; she is blunt. She conveys what she wants, without a second thought. Men want simple; they hate it when they have to deal with those sarcastic responses and the silent treatments.

Girls, guys want you to tell them if anything is bothering you.

Boys like to hear it straight so that they have a clear direction to get better. Being blunt with them plays well in the long run. 

#5. The quality of independence.

Men do not always want to be the shoulder to cry on. They admire and respect women who have the mettle to get things done on their own. 

Guys do value women who do not need constant care and love to dwell in their space at times. 

Men are more attracted to women who do not need them in their life. This is what drives a man to the woman.

#6. Confidence, in proper measure!

Men love women who are confident and do not regret their actions. They love the woman who knows that what she is doing is right and does not need anyone's approval. Girls, this drives men CRAZY!

Men are instantly attracted to women who treat themselves right. 

Women who are happy with themselves, are attractive! Take a note girls, it all begins with your happiness.

#7. The dirty talk and the flirt!

Bad girls are a dab hand at flirting and driving the talk so effortlessly that the man doesn't even realise that he has fallen for her.

A sexy talker, a big turn on!

Her words are enough to give the guy a boner, only with her words. She is a little devil who makes it through him, without making her intentions obvious.These traits of a bad girl are the drivers for a man.Girls, remember, it is important to sometimes let out the wild cat and the bad girl at times.If you like to read what I write, feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com