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Walk Around The World Without A Visa, On This Walkable World Map In Denmark

This world map is a beautiful wonder along the banks of Denmark’s Lake Klejtrup. It was created by Søren Poulsen, a local farmer, and it took 25 years to complete. It is a 4,000-square-meter map, built from stones, soil and grass. This innovative idea struck him in the year 1943 when he was working on the drainage for meadows surrounding the lake. The construction lasted from 1944 to 1969. He decided on this project after discovering a stone shaped like Jutland. Jutland is a peninsula of northern Europe comprising mainland Denmark and northern Germany.Further, after stumbling upon this, he made his mind to complete his own world map using material from the nearby sea. The beauty of this map is that each country is represented by miniature flags. The World Map 'Verdenskortet', is the main tourist draw in Klejtrup, a small village 10 km southwest of Hobro in Jutland, the mainland of Denmark.It is an amazement for tourists, but map purists will not be as happy. This project is an inspiration for a number of other projects, one in Dubai under the name 'The World'.

The vast expanse of the walkable world map.

The talented artist, Poulson was no more at the age of 81, a few months after completing the map. There is a picnic area, a coffee shop and a playground.

The picturesque footbridge from Denmark to Africa. 

One of the fundamental problems that he faced was of cartography. This problem of his to represent a 3D space on a 2D area was solved by Mercator projection. In this technique, cylindrical projections were used for representation purpose.

The location of Denmark on the map.

Is this stone the original Jutland?

Those tiny rivulets are also beautifully depicted.

You can see kids enjoying in different countries. Just to avoid distortions, he left out the South Pole, that is, Antarctica. Also, some parts of Northern Hemisphere are shown twice. Greenland is the exact size, but there are two of them. Similarly for some parts of North America and Europe.

Wow, the shoe shape of Italy os shown so vividly!

Also, the small hop from North America to Italy. Isn't that a great feeling when you can simply walk around different countries, without a visa and not even a passport probably?

Some deets on the representations...

The map measures 45 by 90 meters (49 by 98 yards) and one degree of latitude (111 km, 69 mi) corresponds to 27 centimeters (11 in) on the map. In all, it covers 5,000 square meters (just under 54,000 sq. ft).

The Caspian Pond.

It is a thrill for map fans. One can easily wander through the vast expanses of countries and also switch between continents with small hops.The continents are marked by names in the grass.

Any guesses for this country?

Well, it is the US! Phew! Communism, only mere feet away!They are the mini USA and mini Cuba.

Wow! That's India, there.

So, if you want to hop from continent to continent, you need to pay a fee.

That's New Zealand, off Australia.

Can you spot Asia in the distance?Get all the details you need on your visit, here.

A zoom in on Italy.

The detailing is so clear.

Canada in the backdrop. The lakes and seas of the world...

On the walkable world map!

Take a tour of the map...

See kids enjoying with their families and adults having fun in the restaurants. That's really wondrous when you can simply boat through the islands and countries.In love with this concept.

This is how it looks on Google Maps.

'Am smitten by this place. Next on my itinerary!Wish to pack my bags and trot on this world map, already!We hope this concept of world map expanded your horizons!Feel free to reach out at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com