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The Most Unique People That You Won't Believe Actually Exist! 

If you want to know what's the best example of a poetry in motion, don't look away from the human body. Through evolution, every part of the human body is designed to serve a function which it serves rather spectacularly. The eyes, ears, mouth, skin, brain etc all are designed perfectly to serve their purpose. But sometimes, some people acquire bizarre features either naturally, or artificially.  So we at WittyFeed bring you a list of eight such people who had the most bizarre features. This includes giant hands, a 16-inch waist and much more?  Want to know more about these people? Scroll down to know more.  

Michele Kobke

First of all, we promise you that this picture isn't photoshopped, rather, it's an actual human named Michele Kobke. As you can see, it's quite evident why she's on our list. Her 16-inch waist is terrifying and intriguing to look at, at the same time.   

Slept in a corset

Michele who is from Germany is one of the few people on our list who didn't achieve the feat naturally. She had to model her body. So to achieve her 16-inch waist, she had to sleep in a corset for three years. She's aiming to reduce two more inches off her waist, despite doctors' warnings. Source   

Mandy Sellars 

When Mandy Sellars was born, it was quite evident that there's something unusual with her legs as they were way out of proportion with her torso. Over the years, her torso remained perfect but her legs never stopped expanding. 

Suffers from a rare genetic disorder

In 2006, it was found out that she was suffering from Proteus syndrome, which has affected only 120 people worldwide. Her left leg was amputated in 2010 but it started to grow again.  Source    

Mohammad Kaleem

Mohammad Kaleem, a 10-year-old boy from Jharkhand, India, was born with a rare genetic disorder which resulted in oversized palms. The misery was made worse when villagers, unaware of the actual cause of it, branded him as devil's child. But now we know what he's suffering from.    

Localised giantism

Localised giantism is a condition where a certain part of body becomes larger than usual size and in Kaleem's case, it was his hands. Following the media coverage, the doctors took note and treated him, bringing the size of his hands down to a more usable level.   Source

Amoo Hadji

Ladies, he's single and he's looking for love. 80-year-old Amoo Hadji from Iran hasn't bathed in 6 decades. To add insult to the onlookers' injury, he smokes a cigarette filled with animal faeces.    

Went through emotional setbacks

When asked about his way of life, Amoo replied that 60 years ago, he went through some emotional setbacks. Since then, he has had no human company. If personal hygiene wasn't enough, Amoo is averse to clean food and water. Not a normal citizen, is he?  Source 

Paul Karason

Once again, we promise this isn't photoshopped! Late Paul Karason was known as Papa Smurf owing to the color of his skin. The reason his skin has a blue tone is because of a silver compound he used for over a decade to treat a case of dermatitis.   

Suffered from Argyria

Argyria happens when someone's skin reacts after being overexposed to silver. To counteract dermatitis, Paul started ingesting colloidal silver, which is a suspension of silver in a liquid base. Next time someone suggests you a silver treatment, think again.    

Wang Fang

This for the motivational books. Chinese woman Wang Fang was born with her feet facing backward.   

Can run faster than her friends

Amazingly, her disability didn't keep her down and Wang now works as a waitress at a restaurant. Not only that, she claims that she can run faster than her friends and doesn't even see herself as disabled! That is positivity.    Source 

Claudio Olivera

With a head upside-down, doctors asked his mother to let him die because if he continues to live, his life won't be very pleasant. But Claudio and his mother weren't ready to give up that easily. He is from Brazil. 

He's now a motivational speaker and an author 

He defied all odds by becoming a motivational speaker and writing a book on it. Claudio was born with arthrogryposis which results in curving of two or more joints of a person's body. Despite the physical limitations, Claudio never shies to express himself and is an inspiration to many people. Source  

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez is known as Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez for obvious reasons. His half head was a consequence of a road accident. Doctors had to cut away large parts of bone and flesh to keep him alive.