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12 Things You Should Not Do With An Empty Stomach

Most of you might be following a routine life, which starts with snoozing your alarm for the next five minutes in the morning. Be it a school going kid, office going professional or a housewife, there's list of things, which are common for everyone. Like, going for a morning run, sipping coffee in the morning while reading the latest news, getting ready for work etc. But, in between all of these, we forget the most basic need of the day - the energy we draw by taking a well balanced and nutritious diet. At times, we skip breakfast which is scientifically one of the most crucial diets of the day. We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of activities, which should be avoided with an empty stomach. So if you're getting late and decide to skip the lunch, make sure you don't do these things.Have a look!    

#1 Taking anti-inflammatory medicines. 

Paracetamol, Aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory drugs should not be taken on an empty stomach. It not only reduces its effect but also causes serious health issues. So, it's better you take these pills after meals, snacks, as it lowers the chances of side effects.  

#2 Drinking coffee.

If you're drinking coffee with an empty stomach, then you need to stop right now. Even decaffeinated coffee causes heartburn and other digestive problems. Skipping the breakfast after taking coffee in an empty stomach may lead to the deficiency of serotonin. If you can't miss the morning coffee, then consume it by adding some cream. The fat in the milk will reduce the adverse effects.   

#3 Drinking alcohol.

If taken without eating anything, the rate of alcohol absorption in your body will increase. And if this happens, then the alcohol may put a severe effect on your heart, kidney and liver.  

#4 Chewing gum.

Over chewing the gum may lead to gastritis, inflammation in your stomach. Chewing gums contain natural sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol) that are less harmful than sugar. However, you should not chew gum for more than 10 minutes.   

#5 Going to sleep.

Hunger and low glucose level prevent us from falling asleep and waking up early. And the lack of sleep increases the hunger hormones. That's why you might have noticed that you eat more the following day after skipping the dinner. So, if you're skipping the dinner and going to sleep, try having at least dairy product like milk with honey. This combination will give you a good, refreshing sleep.   

#6 Intense training.

Most people believe that exercising with an empty stomach will burn more calories but that's not the truth. In reality, the intensity of your exercise will reduce, as your body will feel the lack of energy.So, it's good to replace intense training with the aerobics if you're going on an empty stomach. Or you can have low-fat snacks while going for the intense physical exercise.  

#7  Shop.

All of us know that when we are hungry, we tend to buy more to eat than we need. According to a research, people buy more than they need when they're hungry. 

#8 Drink citrus juice.

The acid and harsh fibres of the citrus juice cause irritation in your stomach. However, the citrus juice will cause no problem if you dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio. There's more food, which shouldn't be taken on an empty stomach. Watch this video.  

#9 Arguments.

Researchers have proved that some people feel less composed when they're hungry. It happens because the self-control requires energy and because you're running on an empty stomach, you tend to get angrier than needed. So, even if you don't have the time to eat, drink something warm.  

#10 Things to do on an empty stomach.

So, now you know what to avoid on empty stomach. But, there are things, which you can do on an empty stomach. 

#11 Problem solving. 

The ability to concentrate and attentiveness increases when you're hungry. According to researchers, this has come from our ancestors who used to divert their attention in search of food. The hormone ghrelin, which is secreted in your body helps you in doing so.