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20 Annoying Things That Make Girls Cringe On Their Existence 

The world is a big, big place and apparently is also moving towards equality. One thing that I don't understand is that why and how did the concept of equality rise? This implies that there always had been inequality, doesn't it? Since ancient times, kings were valued more and held more powers; the family begged for it to have a male ancestor to carry forward its name and not a girl. Who even made these rules and why? I don't need to tell you why the life of a female is comparatively way harder than that of a guy! Periods. Bras. Body hair. Eye-brows. Giving birth. And after all this, we fight for our equal rights to match up with men?!Well, today let me talk to you about 20 annoying things that only girls through and should be awarded for not losing their shit over it! 

1. Peeing Wetness 

Going for a pee when there’s no toilet paper and then feeling a little-wet patch of residual pee in your underwear for the rest of the day. Nothing is worse than this! Nothing. 

2. Blister 

Getting that big blister after wearing a new shoe and still have to power through them since you wore them for a party. 

3. Hair ties 

A lot of times some stupid hair ties get stuck and entangle themselves to your hair in such a crazy manner that you actually have to rip your hair off from your scalp to get rid off that hair tie. 

4. Shaving 

When you think that you successfully shaved your legs and you go out wearing that cute dress, but then you realise, you left patches of unshaved hair on your legs. *embarrassed* 

5. Thighs 

It's summer, so you obviously wear shorts or a skirt and then when you go out, your thighs stick together, and there's sweat, and it's so annoying. 

6. Chair monster 

Sitting down on a chair during summers in your shorts or skirts, only to have your thighs stick to the seats and stick so intensely that you're convinced a layer of skin is going to come off when you get up. 

7. Burn marks 

There are going to be endless occasions when you burn your shoulder, hands, fingers and even your face with a straightener or a curler. And that bitch is going to leave a mark!

8. Tampons 

Taking a dry tampon out from 'there' and wanting to gag from how gross it feels. *GROSSSSSSS*

9. Itchy pubes

This shit has happened with all of us, girls. Just when you are in a meeting or on a date or at a party, your pubes decide to get super itchy, and you really can't do anything about it without people judging you. 

10. That one hair

When you've washed your hair and that one dumb-ass long hair slips to your butt crack without even you knowing or realising. Taking it out later is shitty. 

11. Boob sweat 

I'm not even making this up; boob sweat is a real thing! Summers are really tough for girls because we can't step out without a bra and when it's hot, the boob sweat just won't stop! All we want to do is stop everything, go back home and remove that piece of clothing never to wear it again. 

12. Mascara fiasco

Accidentally poking your eye with your mascara brush, and your eyes start to water, running down your cheek and ruining all your makeup. Damn it. 

13. Sanitary pads

Worst enemies. While we have to use this during periods, it gets itchy and sticky and messy, but to top it all, the part with which the pad is suppose to stick to the panty will stick the pubic hair on its own. And boy! Does that hurt? Hurts like hell.

14. Sunglasses and hair love 

When you're just trying to put those glasses on your hair, very sexily, this will happen. They will get entangled in your hair and won't just want to come out. They'll keep hanging in there until you don't pull them away from your hair.  

15. Pony and bun 

Opening your hair from a tight bun or a pony and then realise that your scalp hurts from where the hair had been moved back. 

16. Tweezing 

Trying to tweeze your eye brow but accidentally tweezing your skin. F**k that b***h.

17. Underwire trauma

When the underwire from your bra suddenly thinks of popping out and stabbing you to death. It hurts. Hurts bad. 

18. Skin near nails 

When you casually peel that little bit of skin sticking out near your nail, only to realize that you pulled off way too much and now it has started bleeding. 

19. Hair tie on hands

You forget about them completely after you've worn them on your hand and suddenly when it hurts, you remove them to find out that area has been marked all red and devoid of proper blood supply. 

20. Tights are high maintainence 

When this happens to your tights, while all you were trying to do was 'wear' or 'remove' them. Life's unfair. So unfair. That's all, fellas. You can reach out to me on dirshti@wittyfeed.com. Stay tuned!