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These Frozen Species Are Guaranteed To Give You A Chill

In case you didn't notice, the earth is home to many spectacular and intriguing animal species. Take the example of a shark. It looks like the fiercest predator, which can devour any fish or human in a matter of seconds. But one punch on its snout will make it run away.     Animals have been there even before us. Many of them are extinct but sometimes nature works wonders and it preserves a few of them so perfectly that even after a millennium, they look fresh.     Also, some species are frozen so perfectly that you can make out what they were doing when they were frozen. Take the example of this spider, which is mentioned below.WittyFeed brings you a list of such creatures. Have a look.     

1. Frozen Shark.

A shark is a stuff of nightmares, a frozen shark is even more than that. A frozen shark represented as an art! Straight from Nopeville, but yes, this is true.  

It has a name! 

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living - Yes, that's it's actual name. So The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living is a masterpiece of artist Damien Hirst. Source  

2. Frozen Moose.

It happens only in Alaska. A frozen lake is for kids, frozen moose in a lake is for adults! Only legends can uncover two frozen moose, fighting!    

Two Moose fighting.

When Bob Webster saw something unusual in the lake, he thought there was only one Moose. A closer inspection revealed that there were two of them and they were fighting! It just perfectly sums up nature, which can be calm and devastating.   Source 

3. Dunkleosteus.

A dinosaur is scary, but a swimming dinosaur? Well, we're glad that they are extinct, we really are. Fortunately for us, this one got frozen, so we could see it after millions of years.    

Dunkleosteus fossil.

Because of the thickness of its head and face, the head bones were preserved perfectly. They captured the anger it had. It existed 300 million years ago. The earth was really a scary place then!  Source 

4. Yukagir Bison.

Bisons are tough, aren't they? Their thick skin and long horns match their intense look. Who knew, they'll give a tough competition to mother nature's decaying process too!   

10,000-year old mummy.

In 2011, a 10,000-year-old Yukagir bison was discovered in Siberia and amazingly, the entire animal was intact! In fact, even the internal organs were intact. Scientists estimated the bison died of starvation before being frozen 9 millennia back. We told you, bisons are tough!  Source    

5. Cave lions.

Extinct 11,000 years ago, the two cave lions found in Russia were nothing short of a miracle. The two were in such a perfect condition that they were named as Uyan and Dina.   

Uyan and Dina.

So what was the reason for them to be frozen so perfectly? It is estimated that these cubs were casualties of a mishap. Their icy den collapsed. These two were discovered in November 2015 and are still being subjected to research by the scientists.        Source

6. A frozen block of fish.

Photographer Kelly Preheim visits Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge frequently to take photographs of birds. Instead, what she saw and what she snapped blew everyone's mind!   

Frozen block.

So how did the fish turn into a block? It was estimated that due to lack of the oxygen in the sea, the fish died and due to the cold weather, the water froze.   Source  

7. Frozen Mammoth.

After 39,000 years, this woolly mammoth was found in Siberia and it has been preserved so beautifully that one can see hair on its body.   

What it had? 

Judging by the muscle tissue it had, the mammoth was 50 - 60 years old. Its blood and muscle tissues are intact. The scientists are still using the tissues to learn more about it. Source   

8. Frozen spider. 

In case you didn't know, spiders have been around for quite a while and yes they were scary as hell too! This image shows a 100 million-old spider hunting its prey before being frozen in amber.SourceMake sure to like, comment and share the content.