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Everything Which Is Worth Watching Is Coming On Amazon Prime, Netflix This September  

With the winter knocking in, it is time to get into your blankets and go underground. Well, talking about ending all the connections with the outer world, we have something that can help you disconnect. As always they do, Netflix and Amazon Prime have tons of shows that will cover you up for the month of September. But it is a hard job to watch every binge available on Netflix and Amazon.  But don't worry, we have cut short the list for you to help you watch some of the best TV Shows and Movies, which you are gonna like for sure.   So without wasting any time, let's find out the best of the things available on Netflix and Amazon Prime this September.          

1. Narcos. 

Debuting with Season 3 on Netflix will be the legendary story of drug lord Pablo Escobar. If you love drama, and crime shows, then you must give this epic show a try.  Also, it will be season 3, which will be going live so you might want to go through the first two seasons.  

2. One Mississippi.

Debuting on Amazon Prime, the dark comedy One Mississippi season 2 has everything you may have to want to start September. The show revolves around Tig Notaro who returns to her hometown after her mother's death and struggles with her own health.     

3. Gotham: Season 3.

Gotham will be hitting Netflix with its season 3 this September. If you are a Batman fan then chances are that you already have seen this epic show. But if you haven't, then this is the first show recommended to you. The story revolves around Detective James Gordon and the Gotham City.   

4. Ben-Hur.

Ben-Hur is a story of Judah Ben-Hur, a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother. Judah returns to his homeland to take the revenge. The 2016 release will be hitting Amazon Prime on September 2.   

5. Kill Bill. 

Both the Kill Bill Volumes will be hitting Netflix this September. The story is about The Bride who wakes up from a coma after 4 years. Her unborn child also dies. She comes to know that she has been betrayed by a group of assassins of which she used to be a part.     

6. Shameless: Season 6.

Season 6 of popular comedy-drama will be hitting Netflix this month. Shameless is a story of an alcoholic father and his six kids who try to cope with every situation they face in life.   

7. Carrie. 

If Annabelle and The Conjuring are not horror films for you, then you should see Carrie. Though it's been decades since the movie made it to the big screen but Carrie is still counted as one of the best horror films of all time. September 1 is indeed a perfect day for Amazon Prime subscribers.   

8. Resurface. 

Coming from the house of Netflix Original, Resurface is a story of Military Veterans who take surf therapy to overcome post traumatic stress disorder. The winner of Special Jury Prize at Tribeca Film Festival, the film has received rare reviews from critics across the globe. A must watch documentary film.   

9. The Magnificent Seven.

A 2016 release, The Magnificent Seven is a story of seven gunmen from the west who team up together to fight a battle against thieves. It will be going live on Amazon Prime this September 9.