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20+ Screenshots Of The Cheaters Who Got Caught In The Act

Catching your partner red-handed is one of the most devastating and heart breaking situations one could get involved in. It's almost as bad as destroying the very base of any relationship. It's not a good feeling for both, the one who cheated and the one who became the victim of the cheater.Cheating is a concept or some may call it a tradition, which is in existence since human civilisation came into existence. And where people are cheating one another, some individuals get caught cheating. And from good to best to worst, there are so many ways in which your partner may catch you cheating on them.However, some of the funniest and sloppiest cheating incidences have happened online. We at WittyFeed have compiled a list of them. Have a look! 

Dad didn't see that coming.  

Lesson learned: Always turn off the security cameras, or all your yoga exercises will be telecast live.  

Autocorrect is cool. 

Lesson learned: The autocorrect excuses work only once, think of some new excuses.

10 years of relationship.

Lesson learned: Don't be too honest. Life may give you another chance, but not honesty.

Don't drop her, 'drop' her.

Lesson learned: Feed her with the answers, not excuses. No matter what, you'll still get the same reaction.  

The bedridden love.

Lesson learned: Always look around, or else you may become the next stripper. 

Stuck at work?

Lesson learned: Know the meaning of each feature, there's nothing like auto rephrase.

Oh, Wife. 

Lesson learned: At least check first who you're typing to. Imagine, what will happen if you would send your nudes to the boss by mistake.

Banging gone wrong. 

Lesson learned: Send invitations, but double check to whom you're inviting. 

Who's the babe now?

Lesson learned: Never go back to past, not even in your dreams or by mistake. Move on. 

The silly excuse.

Lesson learned: When God has given you brain, use it. 

Girl rocked, mother shocked. 

Lesson learned: Keep aside all the urgent work while chatting, talking to three people at the same time may ruin everything. 

Rhyming man.

Lesson learned: They're your kids. If you're smart, they'll be smarter. Don't underestimate their intelligence.  


Lesson learned: Always keep your eyes open. Most importantly, don't lie on a phone call. 

I won't tell if you don't tell.

Lesson learned: This could be the worst target you may have hit specially if your girlfriend is your wife's best friend.  

Getting late for the night.

Lesson learned: Karma has no menu. You are served what you deserve.  

When her friend replies on her behalf.

Lesson learned: Remember, if she has taken you to places, she can take anyone there. Ride at your own risk. 

It's not working?

Lesson learned: Nohing can be done about the dumb wife.  

Common misunderstanding.

Lesson learned: Listen fully and then react. This over enthusiast woman just ended her relationship for the silliest reason. 

I'm pregnant.

Lesson learned: More than cellphone, keep a close eye on his brother.     

Modern day mother.

Lesson learned: Teach her everything but don't give her the internet to access things. Poor girl just got caught cheating. 

Board meeting.

Lesson learned: Always read the last text before sending the new one. 

Deadly confession.

Lesson learned: As we read earlier, kids are smarter; you can't fool them around after certain age.