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Selena Gomez Posts Justin Bieber's Naked Pictures As Her Instagram Gets Hacked

Selena Gomez's Instagram was swiftly taken over by some hackers, as they took control of it and posted some naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.It was Variety to report first that several pictures of Bieber were posted on her official account which seemed to have been taken in 2015 during the singer's trip to Bora Bora with Jayde Pierce. As the reports suggest, these pictures were first taken by paparazzi and were later published on the US websites.However, Justin Bieber's legal authorities had sent the notice to publication, warning them that these photographs are a breach of singer's publicity and privacy rights.Selena Gomez is one of the world's most followed celebrity on Instagram, and probably the most secured, but the account was full of nude Bieber pictures for sometime before they all were taken down.We have got some of them, have a look!

How many nude pictures uploaded?

Total three pictures were uploaded, and all of them asked the Selena Gomez followers to follow certain accounts.

The name on Selena's profile was also changed.

It is reported that Selena Gomez's name was also changed to 'Islah Gomez'. That's so weird, isn't it?

Poor Justin

The first two picture which was leaked on Selena's account can be considered normal, but the third and the most controversial picture of all time showed Bieber all naked. See below.

Skull and emo

After the pictures, a series of skull and emoji were also followed quickly. But, only a few among her 125 million fans got to see this surprise from Selena Gomez's hacked account.

The naked pictures proof.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Hackers did upload many naked pictures of Bieber, but then Selena and her team recovered the account in no time and deleted all the posts.

It seems her account is operating fine now.

"Selena’s Instagram account is still active at this time. Fortunately, it seems to be back in the hands of Selena and her team," reports Hollywood Life.

Here's a clip which shows everything more clearly.

While this is the most awkward situation to be in, it could be possible that Selena and Justin both could be laughing at this incidence.

These pictures were also leaked in 2015.

On Ellen DeGeneres show, Justin Bieber had confirmed that his manager went to him and said, "It was pretty much like a couple of days later. Scooter was like, ‘Yo, I hate to tell you this, but your penis is on the Internet.’ I was like, ‘What?"And then this happened today!