On In Relationship

These 25 Erotic Illustrations Showcase The Sassy Side Of Love

Love. Just the word is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, isn't it? Do you imagine it in the small things like sipping tea together or lazing around in bed on weekends? Or is it in the big things like committing to spend the rest of your lives together or planning to start a family?Sharing both physical and mental intimacies with your partner is the most intangible thing one can do. Those sassy, naughty and sometimes-gone-wild moments make you wanna relive your life. Making your sex life more happening like ever before is what seems to be a real couple goal. If you try the sexy things out, these illustrations are just right for you to revive the beauty in those moments.You can hardly take your eyes off from the sketches that I've brought for you today. Ahan! Stop by, don't rush I know you're much in the mood to have a look but don't look at them while in the office. Because they may give you some strong feels that I'm sure you don't want in public.*Wink* Okay! You may now go for one tour over these.

Those love demons!

The dark side of love is revealed in front of that one person to whom you give your soul to. The one who will never judge you for who you really are. Demons are a part of everyone's soul.

Ultimate pleasure.

In between the sheets, that ultimate pleasure you experience is unexplained.

A bath in the starry waters.

It is always soothing to the soul. And why not? It becomes beautiful when you're with your beau.

An adorable kiss after the bath.

Blooming aroma and passing each other those lovely kisses.

Fantasies play around.

The game of sexy lingerie spilled wine, and that sharp knife resembles how wild sex life can go.

A wild kiss.

When two lips intersect, the feeling lingers for long.

Clasping her hands...

The feeling that is mutually shared between the two is intangible.

Magic in the air.

When he grabs you by the waist, and you can feel each other's naked body, and that kiss is bliss.

The thirst barely extinguishes...

So wait a minute, let me kiss for one more moment.

The cute little panties...

With the bow beside, lingerie that raises the thirst for intimacy.

Together anywhere.

All the places seem the same when we are together.

Because we have a mental connection.

While one is a freak, another is weird. Physical connections are something anyone can have, but a mental connection is rare.

Wherever we are, we'll find each other.

No matter where our bodies are, our soul will find each other in this whole wide universe.

Wrapped in my arms...

The world seems complete. I need no one when I have you.

And we lie like this for hours.

Nothing can match the feeling like the one that comes with you. Just the two of us is sufficient.

Dancing around.

Holding your waist, I wanna dance and show some moves with you. Dancing like no one is watching us.

The warmth.

When we are so close, we can barely see anything else. The warmth that we feel in each other's vicinity can not be matched with anything else.

The sassy things!

And we do try all those sassy things. Because there is no harm in being naughty sometimes.

Feeling your heartbeat while we are intimate.

And it is an outstanding feeling that I can't keep aside. Yes! I can feel your heartbeat in my hand.

The love lullaby.

It is something that surrounds us from all sides. It feels like the safest place while being in your arms.

Running my fingers on your back.

I know you feel like heaven and that can't be denied.

Wrapped in flowers!

As our love blooms like flowers and seems never ending.

We fag all the worries out!

Because sharing is caring and so we share the good, bad and cigarettes too. We puff off all the worries.