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15 Illustrations By Different Artists That Capture The Comfort Of A Love Bond

Yeah! See the magic here.A relationship is full of ups and downs.  Well, all of us have been bitten by the love bug. And the intimacy that love brings is unparalleled. It makes you feel wanted, cared for and above all, gives a sense of completeness. Most couples experience cute, fun, loving moments. There are moments of anger and fights too. While hugs are considered to have healing powers, that feeling of someone's fingers in yours show care and those sudden surprise kisses reflect the excitement. To sum it up, love is a beautiful feeling.Here are some illustrations that have been put on the Facebook page, Moments. These images have been created by different artists whose names are not apparent. But these illustrations weave a spell of magic.So, scroll down. And enjoy!      

Magic works when a moment of intimacy grabs the two.  

Those isolated lobbies are the best! But be cautious, folks! 

That perfect Good Morning wish. 

Which makes the morning, 'Good' or 'Best'.Here is where we found the lovely illustrations.     

'Cause those moments of an intimate bond...

Are incomparable and cherished forever.  

For, even a side hug can convey the love.

When it is from someone special.  

Hand-in-hand, together, forever.

When fingers make way into fingers, that is LOVE.  

Fun in togetherness.  

In hanging around and revellling in each other's company.    

The cosiness you share.

When you enjoy each other's warmth.   

Hugs have been known to work wonders. 

Easiest way to calm a stirred soul. And that's a guarantee.  

For the man knows the places, pretty well.

Best stress busters, for both.  

Up in arms. 

The world looks more beautiful from there. By LittleUlvar 

Hand-in-hand, smiles all the way... 

They needed no one else, except each other.     

Embracing each other needs no reason. 

The warmth in those chilly winter mornings...  

A kiss on the forehead...

A signal of being for each other, not for sexual appetite. A reminder of respect and love.  

When the passionate kiss kicks in...

Taken aback, but enjoyed by most women.   

A long-lasting hug...

That is tight, one of the best feelings in this world, that two humans can share with each other. These illustrations make long for our special ones. Do share with your partners to make them feel loved. Feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com