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Mayweather vs McGregor Fight: Everything You Need To Know

"Experience always wins against over-enthusiasm."Conor McGregor aka nicknamed as 'Mystic Mac' was the first to predict that someday he'd surely fight against the king of the ring, Floyd Mayweather. His dream and prediction have come true, as both of them struggled in the ring on August 26, 2017, in the United States. Unfortunately, not as much as McGregor could have thought.The 'billion-dollars-at-stake' history making fight between the two has ended already as Mayweather wins the path-breaking 50th unbeaten blockbuster match in Las Vegas of America.Mayweather's win was sure considering his experience, fitness and 49-0 unbeaten record, but at the initial rounds it seemed as if McGregor is leading the match by bullying Floyd with his superior reach.However, McGregor's inexperience of the ring started to reflect during the third round when he started to lose his calm after getting tired, but still, he gave the boxing superstar some constant headaches.Let's have a look at some jaw-dropping facts, figures, social media reactions and trolls about the match! Have a look!

Floyd Mayweather's return from the retirement.

The odds of the fight had inspired Floyd to be at his best, as no doubt, he was the favourite over Conor McGregor. Keeping in the consideration that Floyd came back in the ring after 2 years. Floyd last time stepped into the ring back in 2015 and retired with the perfect sports number 49-0 record.

Of course Mayweather had professional advantage over Conor but...

At the age of 40 and two years away from the ring, the only thing Mayweather had was his experience, and it was exciting to see that it worked well for him.

Weighty issues.

The fight between these two, McGregor and Mayweather took place at 154 pounds which seemed in favour of UF lightweight champion, Conor.But let's not say that Mayweather was at any disadvantage because he has won some biggest fights of his career at 154 pounds, but struggled in some matches as well.


McGregor was the perfect left-hander for the match. Although Mayweather has struggled in some bouts while facing the southpaws, he has surely amazed us against all the odds in his game against McGregor.

Offense | Defense 

Throughout his path-breaking career of 49-0 (now 50), Floyd Mayweather was considered as one of the best defensive players in the history of sport. He has been nearly untouchable in the ring.On the contrary, McGregor is an offensive machine gun, who constantly moves forward on the opponent. But, it seems nothing worked for him against the king of the ring, Floyd.

Was the survival enough?

McGregor had promised that he is coming to Mayweather's head and settling for nothing less than knocking the Floyd out. But as the results have already been announced, McGregor has lost his pride along with all the over promises which he made before the match.

15 Jun 2017, the fight announced. 

It all started with their announcement on official social media accounts that 'The Fight Is On' for August 26, 2017.

The richest fight in history, and results.

Floyd Mayweather extended his perfect winning streak to 50 unbeaten as he stopped Conor McGregor in the 10th round of the richest fight in boxing history.

Was all the hype justified?

Well, some of those who have watched this fight will surely say that they witnessed history. As Floyd Mayweather's victory helps him to over take Rocky Marciano's perfect 49-0 unbeaten record.

The presence of A-lister Hollywood celebrities.

Famous Hollywood celebrities like Bruce Willis and Jennifer Lopez were right there in the audience among one of those viewers who witnessed the history closely. Former basketball player, Alex Rodriguez also attended the match.

The reactions on social media.

The 23 times Olympic gold-medal winner, Michael Phelps was fascinated by both the fighters inside the ring.

Shaq tweeted as well:

The basketball legend, Shaquille O'Neal was among other sports personalities who watched the match.

The tweet from the legend of the ring as well.

Manny Pacquiao appreciated both the fighters.

A Taekwondo silver medalist showed his support.

The Taekwondo silver-medalist in Rio-Olympics 2016, showed his support and paid tribute to Mayweather.

Memes around the fight.

If everyone is talking and buzzing around the biggest fight in history, then how come the pop-culture will be left behind?