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Facebook Down: People Hilariously Trolled Social Media Giant On Twitter

The social media giant, one of the biggest networks in the world is down.This is the second time during this week when Facebook suddenly stopped and failed to give its service for some time and users couldn't post and share any stuff. Thousands of people were unable to log in to Facebook from their smartphones or desktop.The website Down Detector reported that a lot of people complained about this issue. While FB was down for sometime, people chose Twitter to pour their thoughts.

Initially, users didn't know what went wrong.

A user posted an online message saying, "Facebook Will Be Back Soon" "Thanks for your patience as we improve the site."

Here's another Twitter user.

The traffic on Twitter increased noticeably as Facebook fans shifted their attention.

Not only Facebook, but it seemed Instagram is down as well.

This satirical post from a Twitterati proves that Instagram is down for sometime as well. 

Facebook user who encountered the same issue.

Although it is not the first time when Facebook's server has gone down. But, some reports on the internet suggest that Facebook has suffered a 'Catastrophic' problem.A spokesperson had earlier said, "Some people may have had trouble accessing Facebook on the desktop version of Chrome for a short period. We’re back to 100% for everyone, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience," reports Express UK.

The problem is persistent and people trolled it on the internet.

A Twitteratti says, when Facebook and Instagram both are down, you come back to Twitter.

Comparing this behaviour of people with a scene from Despicable Me, the animated movie. 

Some even shared the funny pictures...

Writing in the caption about what they do when Facebook and Instagram is not working.

These expressions:

when someone writes a long status and realises FB is not working.

This animated GIF, depicting that Mark Zuckerberg trashing his office.

I wonder if one of them is Mark Zuckerberg, then who is this guy standing behind him?