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RIP Rich Piana: 10 Addictions The Legendary Bodybuilder Would've Asked You To Stay Away From

The world and more particularly the bodybuilding fraternity was shocked when Rich Piana, the legendary bodybuilder died on August 25, 2017, at the age of 46. Rich was a professional bodybuilder from Florida who had over 1.2 million Instagram followers, thanks to his buffed up physique and his selfies full of muscle. It is just not the death of a bodybuilder that is being mourned about. Rich, despite being one of the toughest people on the planet, was also an extremely nice man. Anyone who knew Rich said that he was perhaps the nicest guy in the industry. But he remained in news because of his addiction to steroids, which he had been taking for past 27 years. WittyFeed tells you about what he had to say about addiction.  

RIP Rich Piana.

Rich was introduced to the world of weightlifting since he was 11. He entered the first bodybuilding competition when he was 15. After numerous failed attempts, he turned to steroids and that's where he went in the wrong direction.  

Used steroids for 27 years!

When Rich graduated from high school, he said he was bench pressing 315 lbs. That's when he turned to steroids. After taking steroids, it was said that his bench press went up to 405 lbs! Since then, he started abusing them. But sadly, they took his life.     Source

Ultimately, caused his death.

Rich was abusing steroids for 27 years and on August 25, he collapsed in his home due to steroid overdose. When the paramedics arrived, they found about 20 bottles of steroids and crushed up powder. Rich was taken to hospital in a coma. But on August 25, his wife announced that he passed away.   

He was against drugs.

It might come as a surprise that a person who's been abusing steroids for 27 years would be against them, but that was the case with Rich. He was quoted saying “If you have the choice to stay natural or do steroids, stay natural. There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body, you’re hurting yourself.”It was also estimated that he was spending £1,926 ($2,500) on growth hormones per month, with steroids topping the list.  Source 

Was against all kinds of drugs.

Rich did point out that some things are so ingrained in our everyday life that we don't realise that we're addicted to them and that are actually harming us.  So we'd like to present you with a list showcasing 10 such everyday things you might be consuming, which become an addiction. 

#10 Excess coffee.

Everybody loves their morning coffee but a few may realise that it's an addiction and excess of it can actually kill you. Caffeine alone cannot kill you but an excess of it will harm your internal organs and kill you. Up to 3-4 cups is fine, but above that it is too harmful.  Source

#9 Cigarette. 

Another deadly habit, a large portion of our population is plagued by it. The continuous smoking habit usually gives way to cancer which could prove fatal.  Source 

#8 Weed. 

It hurts your lungs, your heart and in some cases, your brain. It reduces your concentration power along with your decision-making abilities and it moves you towards an unhealthy lifestyle, which could lead to major consequences.  Source

#7 Energy drinks.

Normal energy drinks can contain five times the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee, on top of that, they are barely regulated. So if given a choice, prefer having a nap or washing your face instead of consuming one of these.  

#6 Excess protein shakes.

We know your trainer suggested them and while they seem 100% safe from the surface, they aren't always. Firstly there are a lot of fake supplements in the market that can cause kidney damage as it has to work extra hard to process the extra nitrogen released during metabolism.   Source

#5 Excess tea.

Too much of tea can also cause harm as tea contains a substance named as oxalate which is the metabolic byproduct of many plants. Consume too much of oxalate and it will start accumulating on your kidneys, and too much of accumulation would lead to renal failure.   Source

#4 Magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms although are considered safe, there's always a risk of a person consuming the wrong kind of a mushroom and that's where the problem arises. Some mushrooms can be extremely toxic. They may result in muscle weakness, loss of control of bodily functions etc.      Source

#3 Painkillers.

We know Max Payne - the famous video game character has abused painkillers but that doesn't mean that you do too. Excess of Paracetamol - about 24g in 24 hours is considered a fatal dose. Source

#2 Excess salt.

High dosage of salt and your kidneys might give up way before they are supposed to. Also, high salt intake can raise blood pressure which in turn, can lead to heart diseases. So consume salt in appropriate quantities because many don't know, salt is also an addiction.   Source

#1 Excess sugar.

A study reveals that people who have over 25% of their caloric intake just from sugar/sugar based products are more than twice likely to die from heart disease than a normal person. On top of that, sugar based products like sodas and drinks are called empty calories because while they add quite substantially to the daily caloric intake, they don't have health benefits or make you feel full as a matter of fact.  Did you like the content?  Make sure to like, comment and share it with your friends and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle.