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Mayweather Vs McGregor: Celebrities Predicted Who'll Win The 'Fight of Champions'

Well, guys, the time is running out, so you better make plans for your weekend perfectly because I know that you would not want to miss the fight of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The fight is set to take place on Saturday, 26 August at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA. And I can tell you that the whole sporting world will slow down when these two legends collide. So let me tell you something about the records of these two legends. Floyd Mayweather is coming out from a two-year retirement for this fight. The legendary boxer has never lost a fight and has won 49 fights of which 26 were knockouts. Now, let us talk about the Ultimate Fighting Championship's legend McGregor. He has won 21 times (18 knockouts) out of the 24 matches that he has played. Now you were here to know the predictions, well, I know it, and I can guarantee that you will be shocked when you will see the last prediction of the match because that is a surprise I've kept for you all. But before going into the predictions, you must know a few things about the fight. So, let us head down towards them.

The animosity was high at the weigh ins. 

Conor McGregor has finally got himself in shape by weighing in at 153 pounds on Friday, and it is just below the weight limit that is of 154 pounds. On the other hand, Mayweather who is smaller in size and height than McGregor weighed in at 149.5 pounds. During the event, McGregor was all fired up and said that he would nearly weigh 170 pounds in the ring. To this Mayweather gave a stunning reply, he said,  "Weight doesn't win fights, fighting wins fights. It won't go the distance, mark my words. This will be Conor McGregor's last fight also."Guys, you will be thrilled because we have a lot more comments like this for you.

Now, let us talk about the money.

We all know what this fight is about, it is money baby! So what are the expected payments for both the fighters? Let us talk about Mayweather first. The boxing legend is guaranteed to make $100 million for this fight. This is the same amount of money which he received for his fight against Manny Pacquiao but in reality, he made more than that, and same is expected here.Now, it is Conor McGregor's turn. The UFC champion will make somewhere around $30 million.Let us now come to the predictions. I know you are waiting because there are many surprises for y'all. 

Tyson Fury is supporting McGregor.

Despite being a boxer, the former Heavyweight Champion thinks McGregor will beat Mayweather in the first round itself. He said, "I think he will knock him out inside the first 35 seconds like he did to Jose Aldo, to be honest."Mayweather - 0, McGregor - 1

Carl Froch thinks that Mayweather will win for sure.

The four-time Super-middleweight Champion, Carl Froch thinks that there is nothing that can save Conor McGregor. The retired boxer and current analyst for Sky Sports said, "I can't sit here and tell you what McGregor needs to do because there is no real formula to beating Mayweather."Mayweather - 1, McGregor - 1

Chris Eubank thinks that Mayweather might have underestimated McGregor.

The former boxer, Chris Eubank is supporting Conor McGregor. He said, "McGregor has got cauliflower ears. He's MMA. What do we know about those guys? They can take punishment. And Mayweather will have to punish him."Mayweather - 1, McGregor - 2

Anthony Joshua also shared his thoughts.

Anthony Joshua, the current Unified World Heavyweight Champion is supporting Mayweather but just for one simple reason, and that is his undefeated streak. Mayweather - 2, McGregor - 2

Joanna Jedrzejczyk gives Conor the edge.

Joanna said, "Of course Mayweather is one of the greatest athletes and he is one of the best boxers of all time, but Conor’s mental game is on a different level."Mayweather - 2, McGregor - 3

Mike Tyson thinks McGregor has no chance.

The former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson thinks that McGregor does not even have a chance of landing a single punch on Mayweather. He said, "McGregor is going to get killed in boxing. He is going to get knocked out because his opponent has been doing this since he was a baby."Mayweather - 3, McGregor - 3

Eddie Alvarez says Conor has a chance of winning. 

The former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez puts his money on Conor McGregor. He said, "Conor has about three or four rounds to get this done ... Within those four rounds, if you don't think Conor can knock this guy out, you're an idiot or you just don't know fighting because it can very well happen."Mayweather - 3, McGregor - 4

Jose Aldo is still angry at McGregor.

The final WEC Featherweight Champion and the first UFC Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo thinks that McGregor does not have a chance of winning. He is the same person who was defeated by McGregor in 35 seconds. Funny, isn't it?Mayweather - 4, McGregor - 4

James Toney also shares his views.

The former three-weight World Champion, James Toney thinks that Conor McGregor will only make money with this fight, but he has no chance of winning because he is a UFC fighter.Mayweather - 5, McGregor - 4. Mayweather is finally ahead.

Michael Conlan also supports McGregor.

The Irish professional boxer, Michael Conlan said, "The only chance I give Conor is his self-belief. He has self-belief I've never seen before."Mayweather - 5, McGregor - 5Now time for some entertainment with confusion.

Sylvester is really funny. 

Sylvester is not sure but thinks Mayweather is tough to beat. In the caption of the video he wrote, "I came across this item ... Connor is long long shot but he is a SUPER WARRIOR! .. Floyd is going to be almost impossible to defeat!! Good luck and be safe to both Warriors!"I think both deserve the point here. So, Mayweather - 6, McGregor - 6

Now here is the funny tweet of Oscar Del La Hoya, though he seems angry.

I don't understand how Conor and Floyd are disrespecting the sport.Now I present to you what people think about this match and their predictions, by the way, thanks, Google!