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13 Most Unsafe Countries For Women In The World

No matter how progressively our world proceeds; there are still some countries that are dangerous for women. Gender-based discrimination, female foeticide, domestic violence and rapes are the common problems faced by women mainly in Asian and African nations. In fact, in some countries, even genital mutilation on the females is practised.While many countries are known for their warmth and hospitality, others, however, are hostile and hold an array of dangers for the unwary women travellers. I'm not telling this just for the sake of doing a story but, to let the female travellers know that some countries are very unsafe for them to wander. You will be shocked when you'll discover the list that has got so many known countries. And not only they are unsafe for travelling but are also not suitable for women to live.According to a survey conducted by the International Women’s Travel Centre (IWTC), more than a quarter (about 27%) of women are planning an all-female holiday out of which some 11% of this group intends to visit India, Turkey, Kenya and so on which are counted in the most dangerous countries for women in the world. Let's look at more such countries.

#1 Turkey

Turkey ranks number one on this year's list of most dangerous countries for women tourists due to nearly continual terrorist attacks, a coup that has led to a rather uncertain environment for everyone, and continuing harassment of women as per a survey of IWTC.

#2 The Russian Federation

Russia is counted in this list because of its tendency to attack nearby countries, which places its inhabitants and any hapless tourist in a potential war zone. Additionally, there are significant problems with terrorism, a high rate of crime, and other violence. So, this place is not safe for women to stay.

#3 Venezuela

Venezuela’s violent crime rate, political instability due to a disintegrating economy and armed insurgent groups, has caused this distressed country to be included in this list.  It’s so bad that professional women have turned to prostitution to provide food and shelter to their families.

#4 Egypt

Egypt has got a dangerous combination of terrorism, a high rate of rape, kidnapping, and robbery. In 2017, sexual harassment and violence remained endemic. The government is helping by advising women not to talk or laugh loudly in public and to be careful how they dress. I never understood the concept of restricting women on this matter.

#5 India

India is deservedly famous for its culture, art, food but also in many other things, a woman traveller can be badly hurt, traumatized for life or killed. You think we’re kidding or perhaps being too harsh? It’s so bad that the Indian Tourism Minister advises female tourists to avoid wearing skirts in India. How would one's clothes decide the safety or security in a country?

#6 Mexico

The legal system of Mexico doesn't protect women against domestic and sexual abuse. There are very few women who come forward to report sexual assault as such cases are dealt with doubt, indifference and disrespect in the country. 

#7 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a part of this list because millions of women travel to this place for the Haj and are killed in large numbers. Terrorism has been increasing dramatically, and as usual, problems like the prohibition on women driving cars, morality police checking women’s clothing, etc. are prevalent.

#8 Kenya

Although tourists tend to think of wildlife when they think of Kenya, the most lethal predators are the humans who create danger in the form of terrorist activities, sexual assault, grenade attacks, and violent crime, resulting in Kenya being included in the list of most dangerous countries for women travellers. 

#9 Columbia

A survey reported the highest number of gender-based violence cases in Colombia in 2017. Fortunately, there are few organisations that provide post-violence care to the victims of domestic violence and acid attack in Colombia. The sad part is that these victims never receive any justice for the physical and mental trauma faced by them. Men never feel guilty for their misconduct and move freely in the country without any charges laid on them. 

#10 Brazil

Reports suggest that women are assaulted in every 15 seconds and killed in every two hours in Brazil. Abortions are banned in Brazil except in rape or severe health disorders. Women who don't meet these expectations and opt for abortion need to serve a term of three years in prison. Conditions are worst in Brazil for women.

#11 Afghanistan

Afghanistan has 87% illiterate female population. Girls are forced to get married at an early age of 15-19 years. There are some domestic abuse cases reported in Afghan courts. The maternal mortality ratio is 400 in 100,000 in this country.

#12 Somalia

Somalia is an African country devoid of law and order. 95% of the female population faces genital mutilation around the ages of 4-11 years. Apart from FGM, high maternal mortality, sexual abuse, child marriage are other problems faced by women of this terrible country.

#13 Pakistan

The citizens of Pakistan follow several malpractices that are completely unethical. Some common dangers to Pakistani women include acid attacks, forced or child marriages, punishment by stoning and domestic violence. This country has the highest rates of dowry murder, honour killing and early marriage. That's all folks!This list made me sad because the conditions of female fraternity in some countries are worst than we people sitting at our homes can think of. I hope someday these may improve.Like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com