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95% Of People Have Failed To Recognize These World Leaders In Young Pictures

As a kid, you never know what you're going to become when you grow up. There's constant innocence on your face, but as you start to gain some experiences in life, that innocence fades away, and it makes you the person who you are today. While some of you may be living the life of your dreams, there are also some other who are leading an ordinary life. But, still, there's one thing common in all of us, and that's our childhood.As much as we enjoy our childhood, we're used to cherishing the childhood memories of other people as well. And mostly, we love it when we see the childhood pictures of our favorite celebrities and politicians.We at WittyFeed have compiled the childhood photographs of 10 biggest political figures around the world, and 5% of the people have guessed all the names right.Have a look!

#1  This woman has always had the balance of a real lady and a little girl.

Hint: She is queen, and her daughter-in-law died in car crash. 

#2 This is America's favourite and most loyal.

Hint: This American president installed secret taping system in the White House.

#3 This little girl has grown up to become one of the best female politicians in the world.

Hint: Her smile is still the same, at the age of 63.

#4 This fair-faced boy shocked the entire world.

Hint: He is the most famous meme of the recent pop culture.

#5 This little boy is rumoured to be the favourite of fair-faced boy.

Hint: He caused mayhem from another nation in the 2016 American presidential election.

#6 The smile tells it all about this angel. 

Hint: This man is scared of no one, not even American president Trump.

#7 The role model for women around the world.

Hint: She could've become the first female president of America.

#8 This guy knew since birth what'd he become.

Hint: He is the former and 43rd President of the USA.

#9 Can you guess the name of this serious politician?

Hint: His wife died in a car crash.

#10 This boy was born with charisma.

Hint: He won a Grammy award in 2006 for the audio version of his memoir, Dreams From My Father.

Answer #1 Queen Elizabeth II

The first picture on this list was of Queen Elizabeth II. Her son, Prince Charles got married to Princess Diana who died in a car accident.

#2 John F Kennedy

If you guessed Richard Nixon, then you're wrong. Nixon wasn't the first president to record his private White House conversations. Kennedy secretly installed a taping system in 1962.

#3 Angela Merkel

She is one of the best female politicians this world has ever seen. She is the chancellor of Germany since 2005. 

#4 Donald Trump

The entire world was in shock when the results of American presidential election 2016 came out. No one believed that the most controversial man on Earth, billionaire, Donald Trump would rule the most powerful country in the world.

#5 Vladimir Putin

The biggest enemy of America (some say so) befriended with Donald Trump to help him win the American presidential election. Making it, one of the most dramatic political events in the history of the USA.

#6 Pope Francis

The angelic smile was of Pope Francis, he is the 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

#7 Hillary Clinton

If she had won, then Hillary Clinton could've become the first female president of United States of America after 2016 American presidential elections.

#8 George W. Bush

George W Bush is the former 43rd president of the America.

#9 Prince Charles

Prince Charles of Wales first married Princess Diana in 1981, but she died in a car accident.