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15 Sculptures Around The World Which Are Not Much Popular On The Internet

The world is full of sculptures, monuments and grand architectural designs. From bizarre to beautiful to ugly, just when you think that you've seen it all, something comes in front that leaves you surprised. Every city around the world has at least one monument, stunning sculpture or artistic statue which has become an identity over time. And there's a story behind which one of them, a tale to tell.The internet has brought all of them together to one place, so people who could not travel, can see them at their comfort. But, even the internet has failed to introduce you to some of the mind-boggling structures on this planet.We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of 15 such amazing sculptures which you don't see much on the internet much.Have a look!

Wonderland, Canada

The coolest thing about this statue is to be inside it. It is located in Calgary, Canada. It is a 12-meter wire frame in the form of the head, designed by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa.

Karma, USA

This Karma statue is only 7 meters in height, but when you look at it, it seems endless.

Last Supper, USA

Albert Szukalski created this sculptor in the ghost town of Rhyolite. It is the sculptor's re-thinking of the vast fresco by Leonardo Da Vinci. This design especially looks mysterious at night.

Diamonds, Australia

If you think it is, then let me tell you straight that this photograph hasn't been rotated. The New Zealand master Neil Dawson created this sculpture with the wires which are barely noticeable.

The Balancing Sculpture, Dubai

This balancing sculpture entirely defies the law of physics. Designed by the Polish master Jerzy Kedziora, this design cheats the gravity.

Monument of the violinist, Netherlands

In the famous building Amsterdam Stopera, where the city hall is located, the marble flooring was broken to install a violinist statue.

Porsches at the 'Festival of Speed' in the UK.

Gerry Judah created this incredible sculptures of cars which seem to rush into the vast universe. It was created as a part of the annual Festival of Speed in Goodwood, England.

Diminish and Ascend, Australia

The staircase to the sky by David McCracken is installed in Sydney, Australia. As you'll step further on these staircases, they'll start to get smaller; though they look of the same size.

The inevitability of time, UK

Designed by Greek artist, this is the real example of futuristic virtual art created by Adam Martinakis. You'll only find this on the internet if you search, or in prints at different places.

Features of Gravity for the Elephant, France

The picture above is a sculptor by Daniel Firman.  It was created to support a theory that elephant could balance itself on his trunk at the height of 18,000 km above the ground level.

Runner, Greece

You can see this Greek 'Dormeas' in Athens from any perspective, and no matter from which angle you look at it, it will always look in motion. This insane figure is created with an innumerable number of green glass pieces by artist Costas Varotsos.

Underwater sculpture, Greece

The underwater park in different parts of the world is the achievement of sculptor Jason Taylor. If you wish to take a photograph with them, you'll have to get some supporting scuba gears.

Salmon Sculpture, Portland, Oregon, USA

If you're walking on the street of Portland, Oregon in the USA, you may get surprised by seeing this exceptional design of sculpture which shows Salmon inside out in a building.

Mihai Eminescu, Onesti, Romania

This beautiful sculpture is the face of famous Romanian poet, journalist, and novelist Mihai Eminescu.

Man Hanging Out, Prague, Czech Republic

Installed in the year 1996, the sculpture is famously known as 'Man Hanging Out' which is designed by sculptor David Cerny. He is so famous that his work can be found all around Prague.That's all, folks!