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20 Ridiculous Images That You'll Never Be Able To Forget 

Have you seen the movie, Saw? I won't suggest it to someone with a weak heart. What I'm trying to say is that movies like these which have extremely weird scenes make us feel uncomfortable. Same goes with creepy things that you may come across while you are doing domestic chores or walking outside your house. I know you must be confused about what I'm saying. But this is what I mean.   How do you feel when you see a wooden chip inserted inside someone's nail? I guess you feel uneasy whenever you even think of stuff like this. But the point is you can't help it, so deal with it.     You won't believe people are afraid of so many things. For instance, I get uncomfortable when a lizard crawls along the wall.  You may hate it, but I have got some bizarre images, which you'll remember for long once you see them. Have a look.            

Crawling snails.

I don't know about you but this picture gave me goosebumps. I can't even think of such crap on my car seat. How can a person drive with snails in his/her vehicle? I have no clue.   

Would you brush your teeth with this?

Seems like the toothpaste has rotten as it was not in use for long. But who on earth uses an old rotten paste?  

No other place to hold!

Now, that seems like a backup option when you don't have enough hands to hold things.   

Spider bite.

Can you feel that pinch when a spider will sit on your hand? Oh, no! You won't turn into a Spiderman. 

Nailed it.

How did this wooden piece get inside the nail? There can be different reasons for it. But for sure, it looks weird. I don't feel good after looking at it.    

Uvula stretching. 

OMG! Doesn't this person have hands or legs to stretch? What's the need for stretching your uvula?   

How did she do that?

I tried after looking at this. I was unsuccessful at it. I can't fold my legs like that, I have bones.   

Suspended hair.

I guess his leg hair grew long enough. So, he thought to play with them.  

Vegetarian snake.

I feel allergic to bread after looking at this picture. How creepily this snake puts his mouth on this piece to eat it!    

What are these?

I can't figure out what is drawn on the nails. Are these eyes of dead people trying to look at us? You never know.  

Can you perceive it like me? 

Well, I agree that I've got a dirty mind but you people? Oh well, I'm kidding. But this picture makes me feel pathetic.   

It is nauseating. 

Did that happen because the toilet was left unused for years? I can't figure out the reason for so much insanitation.  

Where did he find this jacket?

What was this man thinking when he decided to buy such an insane piece of clothing?  

Hair and cheese.

How did hair land on cheese? I mean was she combing intentionally on cheese?    

Is it a banana hot dog?  

Oh god! This is something insane. Why would anyone insert a piece of sausage inside a banana peel? 

It's all about the beak.

Remove it and put it back. You will see the difference and that's quite noticeable. 

How did that happen?

I saw it from every damn angle and still can't come to a conclusion.  

Never seen such a chocolate.

Have you ever eaten a chocolate like that? 

Run man run!

Now that was something I didn't see in my life. Octopus are really dangerous.    

All must be served equally.

This child is too much involved with his cats. It is okay if cats will drink the milk if it is spilt on the ground. But the kid? This is unexplainable.     That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com