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Can A College Degree Determine How Successful Will You Become?

There's a fad these days that one needs to have a college degree to be successful. While there's some substance to that claim, all of it isn't necessarily true as college degree just justifies that the person has what it takes to pass the rigor of college. Success is something which is more deeply rooted than say, having a wall-hanger of a degree from a college.So we at WittyFeed would like to tell you what success actually means, we would like to go past the realms of the traditional way of judging the success. We would like to tell you what are the real parameters one measures his/her success with barring the materialistic ones and what it actually means to be successful. By the end of this article, we hope you'll be wiser.

Definition of success - Degree holders

For someone holding a college degree, success might mean having an Audi, a sea facing home, a high paying job etc. Because they are usually the type A personalities, their definition of success is a highly materialistic one. 

Definition of success - Others

How does a scientist define success? How does an Economist define success? The field won't necessarily bring one the riches the society expects one to have but they make an impact. They would know that their contributions would make the world a better place.

Wisdom and creativity - Degree holders

People who tend to hold a degree are the ones who have been taught by the organizations to follow the conventional path, to use X when Y goes wrong etc. It doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't creative it's just their field doesn't allow a lot of opportunities for it to spur.

Wisdom and creativity - Others

We aren't saying that people who don't hold a degree are more creative but we must point out that they have a much wider and more blank canvas to paint the world exactly according to their needs. So not getting a  college degree isn't the end of creativity.

Opportunities - Degree holders

We must admit that a person who holds a degree enters a certain profession which a non-holder cannot get. Professions like Law or Medicine. Although it's lucrative, the opportunity cost of switching is much higher too so once, stuck in a profession, it's hard to get out.

Opportunities - Non Degree holders

Yes, they cannot enter certain professions which degree holders can get into but what this allows them is to have a blank canvas and even more flexibility when it comes to switching professions. And, of course, there are the cliched examples of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who famously dropped out of college. So don't worry if you don't have a degree, buckle up, follow your passion and keep hustling.

Personality Traits - Degree Holders

A person who is a degree holder went through four years of college and the rigor that came with it, successfully passed it and because of it, the elements of self-discipline, punctuality and delivering work within deadline is instilled in him/her. Such people usually make great managers.

Personality Traits - Non-Degree Holders

There's more to the world than managers, isn't it? Yes, the world needs them, but they aren't the only type of people the world needs. The world needs visionaries, radical thinkers, artists, heroes, idols and while we aren't saying that a degree holder cannot be one of those, we must say that a non-degree holder is more primed to think out of the box and hence have a different way of thinking which might let him follow an unconventional path. Now that we've differentiated regarding degree and non-degree holders, let's look at other traits which can make both of them successful regardless of a degree.


Ignorance might be bliss but illiteracy isn't. Being literate doesn't mean having the ability to gulp down the text from the books and write it all on a sheet of paper within a three-hour deadline. Literacy means being educated about your respective subject, knowing what works, why it works and what are the factors contributing to amazing work. Da Vinci might not know how calculus works but he was literate about art and that's what made him great.


It is such a cliche that we are almost embarrassed to even mention it but it is true. At times when everything goes against you, it's your passion which will suffice and will guide you. It's imperative to know that your passion should be something which should at least look sensible on the surface. So if your passion is playing video games, we got some bad news for you.Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.