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17 Pictures Of Dogs Before And After Haircut That Will Make You Say Aww

Just a haircut can make so much difference to our looks. Like us, even our cutest dog friends also love to get haircuts. With so much of hair on their body, some of them look way too different than they looked before.Let's have a look at their contrasting before and after haircut appearances. These pet dogs are out there to win your heart. 

1. Daddy, I love to follow your footsteps.

Because you are the best dad in the world!

2. The world looks so much better now!

3. Hair..or no hair.. I don't care!

4. Now, you will be able to look into my eyes!

Super Cuteness alert!

5. I like getting trimmed, but this is just too much!

6. Finally, I got two pretty ponies!

7. Will my wife recognize me?

8. Hey, you told me that you will only trim my back hair.

Nobody listens to me!

9. Do you like my new haircut?

10. That's how much I was carrying on my body!

Whoa! We are proud of you mate!

11. Look.. I got my dad's tie!

Will I be able to get a girlfriend now?

12. Change is good.

13. I wanted to keep my chest hair!

Don't worry, you still look cute.

14. Yes, that's me!

Finally, we got to see your adorable little eyes!

15. Which look do you like?

Before or after haircut?