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Ever Wondered About The Stories Behind Your Favorite Hollywood Studio Logos?

We all love movies, don't we? Be it watching a movie for the first time in the cinema or for the 100th time on your laptop, movies are a great source of entertainment. From the likes of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to 'Transformers' to blockbusters like 'The Wolf of Wall Street', movies are an amazing tool to keep your mind busy. But do you know which organizations are responsible for the production of all these blockbusters? Yes, the production studios.Some of the movies made it so big that we remember the name of production studio by that movie. The moment someone plays 'The Social Network' or 'Transformers', the image of a lady holding a torch or a number of stars around a mountain comes to mind. But have you ever wondered what are the stories behind such iconic logos? What does the number of stars in Paramount Pictures depict or what about the lion in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer? We at WittyFeed would answer all your questions. 


Have you ever wondered about what exactly is the story behind the little kid sitting on the moon and fishing? Does it signify something? We are here to clear the fog for you.  

And then there were three.

It all started when director Steven Spielberg, Disney director Jeffrey Katzenberg and music producer David Geffen got together to make DreamWorks studio. The original idea was to have a computer-generated image of a man sitting on the moon and fishing but the VFX artist insisted that the logo should be drawn by hand. Then the American illustrator Robert Hunt was called into action and drafted the illustrations on which motion picture was based. After painstaking three months, the final version was shown to Spielberg and he loved it! PS: The boy on the moon is William Hunt, son of Robert Hunt.Source

Paramount pictures

Yes, we know the moment you think of this logo, the images of Optimus Prime and Megatron battling it out comes to your mind. You cannot help it, neither can we but do you know the story of the logo? Let us tell you. 

The initial logo had 24 stars.

When Paramount Pictures initially known as Famous Players Film Company, founded by Adolph Zukor in 1912 had its logo with 24 stars, each star represented a film star the company signed a contract with. The new logo has 22 stars, but the reason is still unknown why they reduced the two stars. Probably one each for Sentinel Prime and Starscream? Source

Columbia Pictures

Where do we even start with this logo? This logo is as iconic as the Hollywood sign in LA and for a good reason. Over the years it has given us blockbusters after blockbusters and will continue to do so. But do you know about the story behind it?

Evolution of logo.

The original logo was created in 1924 and showed women holding a torch and draped in a US flag. It didn't have any clouds in the background and neither the image looked as iconic as it does now. The logo was changed over the years but the definitive change came between 1993 and 1996 when SONY bought Columbia Pictures and repainted the logo digitally, making the women look more elegant and the flame less vibrant, the new version was released in 1996 and since then, saw little changes.


The iconic lion. A symbol of pride, of dominance and of years and years of perfection of a craft. But do you know the story behind the lion?

A pride of lions.

The first ever logo featured a lion named Slats who didn't actually roar so it was just for show. So in 1928, Jackie the lion was chosen and he did actually roar! Jackie's version of the logo was used till 1956. Then with the advances in color technology, Lions named as Coffee, Tanner and George were used for new logos respectively but it wasn't until 1957, Leo the lion was used and he's been there ever since. PS: No lions were harmed while filming of the sequences. Source

Walt Disney Pictures

The studio which gave us iconic movies after iconic movies another has a castle as its logo but have you ever wondered which castle is it? 

Neuschwanstein Castle

The castle in the original logo was the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. In 2006, Disney replaced the old logo with a 3D computer-generated one and for that, the prototype was...Source 

Cinderella Castle

The castle is the centrepiece of the Walt Disney World Resort in Tokyo and was the prototype for the current Walt Disney Pictures logo. The first time this logo was used was in 2006, the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'. Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share with your friends. Source