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This Comic Story About Growing Up Will Change The Way You Look At Life

Dan Dougherty, an award-winning comic artist, created a comic strip on the theme of a slice of life, and it is going viral on the internet.The series depicts the part of our lives that most of us are going to face. While some of us may have faced it already, some might be in the queue. Yes, it's the father-daughter relationship. It portrays the bond of care and affection between a father and daughter. This relationship is so pure and compelling that every miracle in the world seems possible. And when Don's powerful cartooning comes into action, it melts your heart and makes you crave for more.The comic chronicles how a father and daughter bond together, learning things from each other. A father teaches his daughter how to walk, takes her to school for the first time and then watches her walk down the aisle. Indeed, some of the moments in comic are so gripping that you go back in time, to your childhood.Have a look!

Behind all the amazing daughters in the world, there are cool Dads.

You ask a girl to describe her father, and she can go on non-stop, without getting bored, because her father is indeed a superman, at least for her. Her first hero, who barely gets appreciated for sacrificing his entire life 'working' so that his daughter can have everything she needs in the world.

He's the one who teaches her how to walk...

The first time when a girl truly believes that she's princess is when she hardly understands the meaning of the word princess. Thanks to her amazing Dad who knows how to make them feel special. 

It's father who brings that confidence in their smile.

Teaching his daughter at all walks of life, a father helps his daughter in learning the most substantial and basic lessons of life. Always holding her back.

At school or college

A father is always there for his daughter, keeping the daughter motivated during the most nervous times of her life.

And then comes the big day!

Though a father has been teaching his daughter those little small things in her life, he left the big ones for his daughter.

This is the life of a father...

There are a lot of times when fathers are selfless and considerate, just because of their daughters. And the best part is, daughters, understand their struggles and efforts.

Maybe not a son, but daughters always back their parents when they needed.

It's a circle of their life you see, father backs daughter, and then daughter backs father. Exactly the way everyone imagines this relationship to be.

And when after her marriage daughter becomes a mother....

When a lady sees her husband caring and loving her daughter the way she was loved by her dad, it brings all those sweet moments back from childhood.

And every time her husband surprises her daughter, it reminds her of the childhood.

So no matter what is going around in the world, the father always backs up his daughter as a promise, to always be her first love, first Superman, and the first companion to the first partner in crime.That's all, folks!