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Photographer Beats Angelina Jolie As She Gets Clicked As Maleficent Nursing Child

“Great photography is about the depth of feeling, not the depth of field.” — Peter Adams.Photography is something which is done to preserve memories and is paid for to capture that essence of the moments which is beyond our reach.Venezuela-born Yakaly Di Roma who is a young, funny, sensitive and super responsible lenswoman, possesses the incredible talent of capturing the soul of the moment. Her eye for composition accompanied with passion makes each photo very special.In a recent post by her, she shared about watching Disney’s Maleficent with her son and "trying to explain to him that not all villain stories are black and white — hence the brilliant retelling of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the “villain” Maleficent, who we end up rooting for."She related the perspective of judging someone with the lens of empathy and compassion. Therefore, she shared some incredible images where Yakaly is nursing her son, Hans who has autism. And the internet has been transfixed.

#1 In one particularly striking image she herself has dressed as Maleficent.

Where she is seen sitting down on knees in the grass in a black dress. Her costume has been accessorised by horns while she is nursing her adorable son. This image of breastfeeding has gained momentum among the internet users and has been liked 8,545 times and still counting.About the character, Di Roma described, “She is one of my favourite Disney characters, so I decided to go for it and put my twist to it.”She even beats Angelina Jolie's Maleficent avatar and looks as confident as a mother should be looking.

#2 She also highlighted the fact how beautiful it is to nurse.

“I promote breastfeeding on my social media constantly and that’s why I decided to include my child to send a message of tolerance and that even the most dangerous creatures would do anything for their little ones, and that’s what I’m trying to do,” said Yakaly.However, Di Roma Photography & Cinema, an Award-Winning Photography business named after Yakaly Di Roma has been built up by close friends. These people are helpless romantics who love to document the truth, the sweet and the unposed moments of life.  With their styles ranging from classic, artistic, documentary to lifestyle, Di Roma Photography has won credits for being highly professional, patience, and perfection. With variations in the portfolios, here are some of the best and touching pictures captured which deserve to be applauded.

#3 The pregnancy photo shoot should not be skipped.

Since it is something that reflects the actual beauty of a mother.

#4 To make little girl's first birthday memorable.

The innocence of the child has been captured so beautifully.

#5 The feeling of coming together forever and ever.

Should make the front page of the album captivating.

#6 Covering the Spinsters Party as well!

You can find more of the work on the official website.

#7 And the beginning of a new relationship.

Calls for a perfect capture.

#8 The normal snap converted into a professional one.

The only way to preserve memories of a great day is with a photograph.

#9 Nothing better than watching an adorable baby sleep.

The baby would be so happy upon seeing its picture after growing up.

#10 The siblings' bond!

No artificial pose would have beaten this candid picture.

#11 A live Cherub!

Still wondering that was it natural or organised?!?

#12 And if you want to make your memories live long...

Get them captured professionally!

#13 She's ready to pose!

Between the dirty yet clean surrounding.

#14 The flawless pose!

Such pictures add charm to your memories.

#15 And he looks less childish and more handsome.

Just look at his hair, eyes and pose... killing!Source.