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Cruel And Nasty Realities Of Life That You Need To Accept, ASAP!

What colors? Greys or brights?!Well, it is all about the perspective from which you see your life. Sounds philosophical? But it is the truth! From the POV of others, you may be leading a comfy life, but from your own standpoint, it is far from satisfactory! Phew.But, this generation of ours is shit-scared of reality and thinks of running away from it, by indulging in all kinds of intoxications. The earlier one accepts the reality, the easier it is to deal with it. We are surrounded by bitter truths that we are not ready to accept. We have to learn to embrace reality even if it is grinding. Our urge to keep things under wraps and dodging oneself is a dangerous act. We are complacent, we are indifferent, we are careless, the earlier we accept our flaws, the ahead we are in the race. We thought of introspecting and some of the realities struck us, hitting at our conscience. Have an awakening read with the ones listed below. 

#1. Your life today is a dream for many.

If you are able to read this post then you are surely luckier than a lot of others around you. This is true because still a large part of the world aims to make ends meet, struggles for their bread and butter. Not everyone has family and friends, not everyone has the necessary resources, so stop cribbing and start embracing.

#2. Lesser the number of friends, less shitty is life.

You cannot please everyone and this is a fact, that you need to learn. Greater the friends, higher the expectations, and expectations tend to backfire. So, better it is to keep a distance rather than be blamed and pissed off, later.

#3. You see a reflection of yourself in everything.

We see things as 'we' are, not how they actually are. If you are an optimistic personality, you will find water even in a desert, but if you too much of a pessimist, you will crib, crib and crib...

#4. We are always in a hurry, but ever on time? 

Multitasking is the latest fad and also a disease that has gripped us. The lust for success and over-ambition has been reducing our capabilities and stressing us in the meantime. So, please be on time and not in a hurry.Folks, take a breath and feel, instead of rushing always!

#5. Social media is a bait.

It is a game of lies and the one who is a dab hand at it wins! Yes, this is the truth. Might be hurtful to you, but it is more of a psychological brainwash, rather than a use of technology.Image source- Unsplash

#6. This world is a selfish place.

And you are one from it. So, you too are selfish. We talk to people we want to, our actions revolve around our likes and dislikes, only. So, you too are selfish.

#7. Nobody will ever let you be yourself, they will want you to change according to them.

Maybe, this is why trying to please everyone is a fatal practice. It can ruin everything. So, just be yourself, others will have to adjust!Image source- Unsplash

#8. Everyone does the right thing, in their opinion.

Ranging from your friends to family to colleagues, what everyone does is right, according to them. Just the way you think that whatever you do is best and right, too! So, everything is relative.

#9. No one, neither you, yourself can ever understand you.

Ask people to understand you, only if you have made a sincere attempt to understand yourself. If unclear yourself, you will only create problems.Image source- Unsplash

#10. People will have valid opinions about you.

They will have reasons to dislike you, and completely relevant. We are often pampered to such an extent to believe that this world loves us, but only we do not have the right to dislike others. Others too have a conscience and may not be fond of us, we need to learn to deal with it.Image source- Unsplash

#11. There are advice lying at your doorstep!

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Phew! 'Nuff said.Image source- Unsplash

#12. Priorities change.

In life, change is the only constant and priorities are just a part. Factors such as time, distance and situations affect one's priority in others' life. At times, we feel lonely and betrayed but on introspection, one realizes that a lot has changed.Image source- Unsplash

#13. You will not be spared from judgements and neither will you spare others.

This world, including you, has enough time to judge people. But, the problem here is that we judge others by their actions, but give ourselves a discount by judging ourselves by our intentions. Highlighting oneself as a victim card and criticizing others is a common human behavior.Image source- UnsplashPlease do not hate us for showing you the mirror of reality. Instead, we expect you to take these as lessons.Feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com