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20 Random But Highly Interesting Facts About Women 

What do you know about women, apart from the fact that they are considered being the most complicated character on earth? Women are judged to be the stupidest being, the sentimental chicks who shouldn't be given vehicles to drive. And don't get me started on the gossiping factor... you know what I mean.Well, let me tell you that there are many things you don't know about a woman. According to a report by Stumble, there are several factors we don't know about women. WittyFeed presents 20 random facts about females that will help you to understand them better. So be ready to get astounded as these facts are really fantastic and break stereotypes.   

1. The secret behind the word 'girl' 

The English word 'girl' was initially used to describe a young person of either sex. It was in the beginning of the 16th century that the term was used specifically to describe a female child. 

2. The word 'WOMAN'

The word ‘woman’ is supposed to have originated from the Middle English term wyfman, which means as the wife (wyf) of man. In Old English, women were described simply as wyf, while the term man was used to describe a person, regardless of gender.  

3. Life expectancy of women

In almost every country, the life expectancy for women is higher than that of men. These facts are submitted by Stumble.     

4. Depression among women 

Depression in women is very common. Approximately 25% of all women experience depression at some or the other point in their lives.    

5. The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu 

The world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji, was published in Japan around 1000 AD by female author Murasaki Shikibu.  

6. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka

The first woman in the modern era to rule a country as an elected leader was Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka. She was elected as prime minister of the island nation in 1960 and then re-elected in 1970.   

7. Heart disease among women

The most common cause of death for American women is considered to be the heart disease. About 27% of women deaths in the US are caused due to heart diseases. Cancer is on the number #2, which causes 22% of female deaths.   

8. Women are the creator

According to an ancient Sumerian legend, the universe was created by a female, the goddess Tiamat. Even an Australian Aboriginal creation myth also says that the creation of life is because of a woman. 

9. Birth to a specific gender can depend on the area of living 

The probability of a woman giving birth to a baby girl instead of a baby boy increases if the mother lives near the equator. The cause behind this is unknown, scientists believe the constant sunlight hours and abundant food supply in tropical regions may support female births.  

10. The first election in which women were given the right to vote

New Zealand in 1893 was the first country to grant women the right to vote in the modern era.

11. Women in different stages of life

The English language differentiated women on the basis of different stages of their life with the terms “maiden,” “mother,” and “crone.” A maiden referred to a young girl who was unmarried, a mother referred to a woman in her child-bearing years, and a crone described a post-menopausal woman. 

12. Women being sexually abused

Approximately one in five women worldwide reports being sexually abused before the age of 15.

13. The biological sign for the female sex

The biological sign for the female sex, that is a circle placed on top of a small cross, is also the symbol for the planet Venus. The symbol is said to be a stylized representation of the Roman goddess Venus’s hand mirror.    

14. Women have larger breasts than other female mammals. 

The breasts of human women are much larger in comparison to female mammals. The prominent size, while not necessary for milk production, is most likely a result of sexual selection.  

15. Venus is for Women

Venus is said to be the only planet in our solar system given the name of a female goddess. 

16. Death due to pregnancy or childbirth complications

Each day 1,600 women die due to pregnancy or childbirth complications. Nearly 99% of these deaths occur in developing nations.  

17. Teenage pregnancy

About 14 million adolescent girls become pregnant each year, with over 90% of those girls living in developing countries.  

18. Eating disorders in women

Over 90% of all cases of eating disorders occur in women, and nearly seven million women in the US currently suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia.  

19. Average height of a woman in the US

The average height of a woman in the US is approximately 5 feet 4 inches, with the average weight of 163 pounds. These figures are different throughout the world, due to variations in nutrition and fetal care.  

20. Female physician Merit Ptah

The earliest recorded female physician was Merit Ptah, a doctor in ancient Egypt from 2700 BC. Many historians also believe that she is the chief woman recorded by name in the history of all the sciences. This is for all the ladies out there.If you wish to add some more to the list, please do let us know in the comment section.For suggestions, reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.