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19 Illustrations That Accurately Show What It's Like To Be On Your Periods

Being a girl is 99% awesome, but periods are just not cool. NOT COOL. *shakes a fist at the sky* No matter what cutesy name you give it, periods still feel like death. So it is just not 3-6 days a month when you're down, the drama and trauma starts before that. Like when you know you're about to get down but haven't yet, you start feeling nauseous, stomach starts playing tricks in your belly and mood swings, oh! When it finally hits you, your entire body gives up on you and to top it all; you will behave worse than a person with a bipolar disorder. So, no matter what, you can empathize with us, but if you ain't a woman, I can't trust you when you say, "I understand" or "It'll soon be over!". Just don't even try saying that around me, while I'm suffering from period cramps, I will take a knife and run after you!Here are 19 of the best and the most accurate period illustrations that I found over the internet. Enjoy!


How you feel on the day one of your period. True story!


All girls feel that way. All of us. 


Just on point. 


If period were a human, she would be it.


Our constant nagging expression. 


Yeah, feels like that inside my tummy. 


Mood swings are the worst. One moment you'd be the happiest person alive and next moment you'd want to kill someone. 


I WISH! We all wish!


All our mood swings in a nutshell. 


Period is not a luxury.


Just when you wear that cute panty and your uterus just won't cooperate!


Sad. So sad. 


They always come back so early! :'(


Hot water bags are our best friends when we chum. 


Looks like just periods. Feels like this. 


Lies. All these lies in the advertisements. No girl ever felt that happy on her periods. All she wants is to be able to rip out her ovaries. 


Well, summarized there.