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Meet 'The Skulltress' Who Is Ruling The Internet With Her Scary Makeup Series  

From sunset themed face masks to Silicone Sunset Tears Skull Detail, her makeup is just beyond one's imagination. The way she blends her face into indescribable skull details is just what the beauty trends are set to explore. With 296k followers currently admiring her special skills on Instagram, her Facebook account also has an impressive following. Vanessa Davis, also known as The Skulltress or "the wig and makeup manager", is a Mexican/British makeup and face artist who is ruling the internet with her sequin studded face and the sparky glace that she adorns on her face.  On surface, she appears like a woman next door but when she starts working on her 'Holographic Star Skull' look, there's this artist who creates such combinations that are meant to sweep the floor off your feet. A self-made artist, she seems to possess an ultimate guide to your Halloween parties. Presenting to you the woman who has brought a revolution in the makeup with #skullmakeup and #skullart trends.        

Her spectacular look..

Her neon look was loved by many and people went crazy asking her to upload her magical creations on YouTube for her followers to know and learn.  

You will look at this picture twice, I bet.

For once I thought she had worked on her face and not her hand. Zoom in and look again you'll notice how she painted her hand to pull that mind-blowing piece.   

I wonder, where did she get this talent from?

According to Metro, Vanessa says, "I didn’t have a costume ready so I painted half of a skull on my face. I was approached and photographed non-stop throughout the evening. This coincided with opening an account on Instagram, @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager and I noticed that the successful makeup accounts specialized in either a particular style or subject, so I chose skulls, which also worked as my heritage is Mexican and English."   

Throwback to her very first post.

The time when she first started with her face painting. She seems to be pro since then. 

How did she do it? 

You surely wanted to know how she aced these looks just in one go? The secret is now revealed. She first sketches her face and rolls her makeup skills on the sketch. This gives her an idea how to arrange or re-arrange.     

A beauty personified.

I'm falling for her gorgeous hair and face and makeup and styling skills. I bet you had never witnessed such a beautiful Zombie ever in your life.  

She is self-made.

A self-made artist, her creations are inspirations from various things around her. She collaborates with various cosmetic brands such as Mac, Tilt, Wonderland etc to get that phenomenal and stunning looks.    

Those sunglasses!

Here is a skull makeup inspired by all the sequins, bindis, cool sunglasses and festival apparel. I have been looking at it as of late, which could go down well as a Halloween rave.      

I was never in love with lace masks until I saw this... 

Her lace skull post by Vanessa is surely a big boost for us to try this masterpiece. She has also mentioned all the products and the do's and don'ts. Amazing is the only word I can say before I rush to try this look right now.   

Note the colourful flowers. 

This flower inspired skull idea is just a subtle way of depicting how badass she can be at this.  

I wish I could live my life in gold and crystals.

With those stunning metallic spikes, that back neck piece and with a stunning eye makeup Vanessa rocks her Disco Glam skull.  It takes Vanessa an approximate time of 1 hour to make these breathtaking creations.   

This UV look is dope!

Vanessa says she keeps the next creation of her skull series a suspense for her followers and admirers to keep them engaged and guessing.   

Damn you woman! You have us all speechless and jaw-dropped.  

Her fascination towards how skulls are portrayed in fashion, art and tattoo art, is one of the reasons that she never fails to reach the perfection level. Did she leave you speechless, eh? I was also, so in awe of her. My new lady crush!She is the ultimate Halloween Makeup Queen.  Let me know about your reactions in the comments section.