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15 Hilarious Replies From Google Assistant That Will Make You Roll On Floor Laughing

"How can I help you?"Getting any vibes from this? This is how our phone assistant replies when we call it for help. Let me guess, every one of you must have talked to your phone assistant once or twice. And must be knowing how hilarious it sometimes gets.iPhone users have Siri, and Android users have Google Assistant or Cortana. You know it's odd because it's just an automaton that gives robotic replies which are witty and humorous. But these assistants are sometimes much more than just a secretary. They sometimes are our best friends, and sometimes they make us giggle.On the same note, here I am with some Google Assistant replies that are entertaining. So read these and try them with your phone associate.

Hello, Teddy.

Gujrati skills LOL.

Want to be my friend?

That's a tough one.

Do you sleep?

Even it isn't sure.

Well, what's your favorite website?

The culprit's prints.

Girlfriend = Complications.


You look sad...

Who let the dogs out?

Someone might be listening.

You're the one with feet.

I guess we need exorcist.

I hope you enjoyed. Share these with your friends and make them laugh out loud as well. If you also have screenshots from your conversation with your phone assistant, do let us know in the comment section.For suggestions, reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.