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Happy Birthday, Chandler! 20 Things Every Matthew Perry Fan Should Know

Until I was 25, I thought the only response to "I love you" was "Oh, Crap!" One of his numerous one liners that I can recall, this person has been a ladies' man since the beginning.  Friends, The Nine Yards, 17 Again or the Fools Rush In, name any of his works and you'll discover new qualities to talk about Matthew Perry who played the role as Chandler Bing in TV sitcom - Friends. The fan clubs address him as their ultimate sarcasm and wit king.  With his charms and a sharp tongue, he left us all swooning and shouting. And what do I say about his acting? Do I need to say anything? The only proof will be how I've watched and am still watching the sitcom seasons back to back. So here, on the auspicious occasion of his birthday, let us go through some lesser-known facts about Mathew Perry you might have missed knowing.      

1. My name is Matthew Perry and I am Chandler Bing...

His full name is Matthew Langford Perry.    

2. His parents divorced before his first birthday.

His mother Suzanne Marie Morrison is a Canadian journalist. His father John Bennett Perry is an American actor and former model.     

3. Take a bow Chandler! We all love you..

He was auditioned on Friday and started working the following Monday.    

His Very First Sitcom in Television was - Second Chance, which released in September 1987.  

Perry was the co-creator, co-writer, executive producer and star of the ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine, which ran from February to April 2011.     Source

Bing was a top-ranked junior player.

He was a nationally ranked junior tennis player in Canada. According to some of his interviews, he tried playing in the US but couldn't make through. Well, maybe he was nervous!  

The time he opened up about his drug addiction and drinking issues... 

Before rising to limelight in Hollywood, the star was battling a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. He even got into the rehabilitation centre to overcome this serious issue. He later clarified that it did not affect the show much but he often used to arrive on the sets with "terrible hungover."    

Tell him to email me at www-dot-ha-ha-not-so-much-dot-com!

It is one of his famous one-liners from TV sitcom, Friends. Perry was the youngest cast member of Friends, which was released in 1994.    

The time when he beat up Canadian PM.

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Matthew Perry were in school and Matthew along with some of his other friends had beaten up Justin Trudeau. When Justin popped a tweet saying he wants to 'punch' Matthew, Perry replied, "I think I will pass at your request for a rematch kind sir (given that you currently have an army at your disposal)"    

Joey owes Chandler $114,260. (Oh, my God)!

This was the amount Joey had to pay to Chandler in Friends.   

Do you know a part of his middle finger is missing? 

According to sources, his grandfather accidentally shut a car door on Perry's hand when he was young. As a result, he lost a part of his middle finger of his right hand. I bet you didn't notice this.    

I'll be there for you....

All the six main actors of Friends had a pact that they will not accept Best Actor (Comedy) Emmy award. So, when Mathew Perry was nominated for this award, he withdrew the nomination as part of the pact.   Source 

Shut up! You're not my real mom...

Friends star Jennifer Aniston offered to be his personal trainer after he received threats from bosses - Warner Brothers about his increasing weight problems. 

Acing everything he does...

Perry apart from Friends was also known for his portrayal of Ron Clark in the 2006 television movie Ron Clark Story. 

Born in Massachusetts, went to a boarding school.  

He got his professional break at age 18. Perry moved from Ottawa to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He holds citizenship of Canada and the USA.  

And he makes us fall in love every damn time. 

Chandler was never a first name before the sitcom aired. Chandler is usually referred to as a candle maker.  

So, Chandler is Matthew or Matthew is Chandler?

Known as the wittiest and smartest character of the show, Matthew's wit is so legendary that directors often used his gags and suggestions on the show. 

Matthew loves American serial drama, Lost. 

Everyone's favourite has a favourite too...  


When auditioning for the part of Chandler Bing, he didn't need a script because he knew the plot by heart. He had been helping a friend with the part before auditioning himself. Such a badass!Source  

When he got Bruce Willis to do guest role for free!  

I bet you didn't know this one. Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis had a bet about the film, The Whole Nine Yards. Perry had told Willis that the movie will be a super hit. Willis had reservations about it. But the movie turned out to be a blockbuster. As part of the bet, Bruce Willis played a guest role in Friends for free.    Source 

His talent is undescribable... 

Perry's total income is worth $80 million. In the last season of Friends, each member of the main cast earned $1 million per episode. Could he be more adorable?   Tag all your Friends fan and share this article with them.