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25 Relatable Illustrations That Show Beauty Of Living Alone 

Living alone and away from home is not an easy task, especially if you're away for a long time due to studies or job. It brings its perks and loss with it. Sometimes it's a happy feeling, while sometimes you start to feel homesick. A Los-Angeles based illustrator graphic designer has perfectly portrayed the difficult yet independent life of such people.The 34-year old painter is a married woman, but she drew the illustrations because she wanted to do something for herself. She says, "Despite working in the industry, I barely had time to draw for myself. Before I knew it, I started drawing experiences from my life because it was just so easy for me to portray."These drawings are focused on her life before she got married. That was the time when she used to live alone with her dog Parker.  Have a look! 

#25 You can roam around freely.

The freedom you get while living alone is incomparable. It's like you could roam around in the entire home wearing almost nothing and you'll still be comfortable.

#24 Every corner is your happy place.

You can go to almost any corner of the room and start to feel clumsy.  "It’s knowing that you’re on your own, and each decision you make is directly affecting how you move forward with your life," says Yaoyao Ma Van As.

#23 Take your time.

You can be in the bathroom as long as you want without any worries; you can take your time and let go of that stress.

#22 You own the place called a kitchen.

Cook anything you want, eat anything you want and clean the dishes on your own. It's no longer a mom's kitchen; you get to sense this beautiful responsibility of feeding the hunger.

#21 Want to party? Come over.

You don't need a reason to party anymore. Just call some of your friends if they could join you. "My favorite part [of living alone] was playing music and let it echo through the apartment," she says.

#20 Playing in the shower.

The bath time is your time, and you get to spend it the way you want. As these illustrations designer shares, "Sometimes I’d take a shower, or draw, and get completely lost in the moment of just being by myself."

#19 Your laundry.

Living alone is like doing everything you want according to your wish. Create your places and workspace.

#18 Your food etiquettes when alone.

It's your dinning table, so basically it's you who will decide what to eat, when to eat, and where to eat.

#17 Rains become thoughful.

You start to grow into a more mature person, having your perception towards the life, as you learn how to love yourself.

#16 Let's get lost in old books.

"Alone does not mean lonely. Sometimes you can be surrounded by hundreds of people but still feel isolated, and sometimes just one old and a classic book is enough to take you places."

#15 Let the floor be dirty with hair.

Your hair falls all over the place, and you give less attention to them.

#14 Scrolling through articles and content.

No one will ask you to sleep early, you can either sleep at the midnight hour, or you can be up all night long while talking to your friends and close ones.

#13 Midnight wishes can come true.

You start to find more time for yourself than the world, work on your hobby like painting and singing or to learn a musical instrument.

#12 JUst lie down there and watch...

You enjoy binge watching famous television shows all over again, bringing back the all those childhood memories.

#11 Some quality time with yourself.  

You give some time to thoughts which want to come out, but usually, couldn't because you are busy most of the time.

#10 The random fashion show.

You walk like a model in front of a mirror thinking what to wear today, without the fear of getting caught and then lots of embarrassment which follows.

#09 Discover the artist in you.

Sometimes, covering yourself with paint is all what you need in a way to let out your art.  

#08 Eat what you want.

Routine? Just go out and buy what you want to eat. No one is stopping you.

#07 Doing the dishes becomes fun cleaning.

Everything moves when you want it to run. Cleaning can wait, but it's your favorite song right now, you could dance.

#06 20 Cleaning ought not be so clean always.

Sundays are fun for you. Not only because you get to hang out with friends, but because you'll be cleaning and doing the pending work.

#05 Waking up with first alarm ring. 

Because you know that no one's there to come and wake you up every now and then. 

#04 Noone said it's going to be easy.

There will be times when you'll self-doubt and underestimate yourself. Thinking, if all of these is worth it? And then you hold your pet tightly and motivate yourself that you won't give up, no matter what the situation is.

#03 The board on the wall says it all.

Yaoyao Ma said in an interview, "Living alone isn’t as scary as it seems! Yes, there were times that it sucked, but there were also countless amazing moments as well."

#02 Starry nights.

No phone, no laptop, no distractions. You spend some time with the stars and moon, imagining beautiful future that's yet to come.