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10 Dangerous Airports around the World That May Leave You Thrilled

Imagine you are flying on a plane with all joys but end up landing at an airport that begins and ends with water! Sounds scary, huh!Yes, air travel with hair-raising destination airports is no less than an adventure. And today, I am here with the list of some dangerous airports in the world with extreme runways to thrill you with some adventurous feels. Go through the list, and share your experience with me if you've been to any of these airports. And yes, if you plan to be at any of these airfields, don't forget to inform me, we'll both book tickets together.

1. Barra Airport in Scotland.

You might not have imagined the beach as a runway. It is probably the strangest airport in the world. Barra Airport is on the bay of Traigh Mhor. It was opened in 1936. The airport gets drowned when the tides hit the bay.

This airfield is not licensed for night use. But emergency flights are operated occasionally.

Barra airport is one of the most stunning yet scary airports in the world. 

2. Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal. 

In 2010, History Channel rated this airport (also known as Lukla Airport) as the most dangerous airport in the world. It is at an altitude of 2,845 meters above sea level. The airport is located in Lukla which is the spot from where climbers start their journey to Mount Everest. The runway is 460 meters long, and almost all travelers who have been to this place share their thrilling experience at the runway.

Lukla airport exists in the scary location. Lukla has witnessed more than 10 plane crashes. 

The recent Bangladeshi plane accident that took 50 lives near Kathmandu Airport back the above title of Tenzing-Hillary Airport being the most dangerous airports in the world. The terrifying incident has almost numbed the country. 

3. Male International Airport in Maldives.

It is also known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport which exists just 2 meters above from the sea level. The airport is extended up to 90,000 square km on the island. The airport begins and ends with water. It seems quite challenging for the pilots to handle the aircraft. 

The airport forms an entire island. 

The aerial view is stunning! 

4. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport in Saba.

Saba Airport has the shortest runway, i.e., just 396 meters long. The airport which is for small aircraft is a beautiful one but dangerous as well.     

Shortest runway with high hills and cliffs around the airport makes Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport a riskier one.  


5. Telluride Regional Airport in Colorado. 

It's a nerve-racking runway. Telluride Regional Airport is one of the highest commercial airports in America. The airport is extended up to 542 acres and has a single runway. Telluride covers 73 aircraft operations per day. The airport exists in adverse landing conditions.  

6. Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. 

The next name for this airport is - Kai Tak Heart Attack. The photograph speaks itself. Dense buildings covered Kai Tak, and it was too risky to fly safely. The airport no longer exists as Hong Kong International Airport replaced it.  

7. Copalis State Airport in Washington.  

The airport exists between Copalis river and the barrier of rocks. The airport runs only during low tide. This risky beach airport gives the thrilling experience to the travelers.

8. Courchevel Airport in France. 

Courchevel has a mountainous short runway with the length 537 metres. History Channel had ranked Courchevel as the 7th most terrifying airport in the world. Due to the foggy surroundings, aircrafts find the runway unsafe to land at times. 

The landing or taking off moments are quite scary. 

9. Madeira Airport in Portugal. 

Madeira airport is situated between a mountain and the ocean. Aircraft pilots need to attend extra specialist training to fly on this route. The airport was too risky initially, so the runway is now expanded.  

10. Svalbard Airport in Norway. 

Svalbard Airport comes in the list of dangerous and risky airports due to its extreme location. The airport faces the adverse weather frequently. The challenging weather has left a few planes crashed in Svalbard.