These Riddles Are So Mind-Boggling That You Would Have To Look Twice To Find The Answer

Remember playing the games like 'spot the difference' or 'can you find?' with your friends? How long it use to take you to solve it all? Were you fast? Because if you were not, these tasks aren't for you.Hello, people. Today I am here to challenge your intelligence. The puzzles mentioned here just look simple, but are considered the most difficult ones or vice-a-versa.But if you're really proud of your scanning skills, I dare you to solve these given puzzles in a minute. If you did it, let me know. If don't, ask your friends to try it. Because trust me, it isn't a child's play. Just be loyal, and mention the results in the comment box.Your time starts now... (tick-tock-tick-tock)

1. Find the sleeping cat.

You must have heard about the puzzling trend of 'find the panda'. But this is really different and tough. Can you spot a sleeping cat in this pile of logs? Only the person with eagle eyes will be able to notice the cat. Continue scratching your head...

Let me guess, you didn't find one.

The people who didn't look closely must not have seen the yellow-coloured cat that is sleeping on top of the logs.

2. Can you find the mistake but only in 5 seconds?

OKAY! This one is a bit easy. But do you know, this brain teaser has been rolling really fast on the internet troubling people as this has to be solved in fewer than 5 seconds. Let me tell you a secret. When the picture first catches the eye, reading both text and numbers at a quick pace results in leaving some bits out. Plus, the numbers are in color format which attracts the reader automatically.

You didn't notice this, right?

See, told you. Though you read the sentence properly, with the pace you forgot to see the hidden mistake. 

3. Let's try again. Can you find the dice that have seven dots on it?

There is another trend of the mind-boggling puzzle in which one has to find the dice that has rolled with number 7 on it. Though there are many, there's only one with seven spots on it. Still trying to find it?

Only people with patience can solve this puzzle.

So did you spot it? 

4. Find the word 'DOG'.

Look for the word 'DOG' in this puzzle. This is also among the famous puzzles on the internet that is messing with people's heads. Do you think this is the most difficult one? Read me as I write that the next two are far more difficult.

Tired? Don't worry. Here's the solution.

Wasn't it a tricky one? Among all the 98 letters, it's just one sequence that actually spells D-O-G.

5. Can you find the sleeping baby?

It's believed that finding this sleeping baby is as difficult as actually to get a baby to sleep. You can even add your kids to this puzzle. I hope that looking for sleepy kids may make their mind to get to sleep.

How long did it take you to find that sleeping little kid? Or it may be possible you didn't find one.

You have cleared the semi finals. Now it is time for the hardest one.

6. This is the most difficult one. Can you find an 'Ace of Spades' hiding among these cards?

According to Mirror, this brain-teaser was produced by online casino Casumo.com, whose spokesman, Greg Tatton-Brown, said: “We’ve come up with a few puzzles in the past that we thought were difficult, but this ups the ante. You’ll have to be a real ace to find the ace that we’ve hidden – anything under 60 seconds is fairly impressive."

Here's the solution.

Do you have enough guts to tell me the truth about how many of the above you actually solved?Chill! I am not going to judge. But if you like this article, please do share.For suggestions, reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.