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15 Best Animated Movies You Can Not Dare To Miss 

Which was the last animated movie you watched? I know you may be very busy with either your college or job, but you know what? A young writer once said that you don't have to wait for the right time to watch a movie. Well, that young writer is me. LOL!But today I am here to share with you a list of 15 (my favorite) best-animated movies that you'll love no matter what your age is.So once you get free from your work or studies, grab your tab or laptop and watch any one of these. Trust me, it will make you laugh, some will surely make you feel loved, some will make you cry, while some will get you thrilled, but entertainment is guaranteed.

1. Despicable Me

The super villain Gru plans to steal the moon with the help of his army of yellow minions. For this mission, he adopts 3 adorable orphan girls who at the end convert into the most important part of his life. The fun, the humor and most importantly the charming little Agnis will melt your heart by her actions.

2. Wall-E

The last robot left on earth who spends his entire day cleaning the planet by assembling one piece of garbage at a time. After 700 years he spots EVE, a probe sent to earth for scanning purpose and he falls for the robot. Then the adventure starts as he follows EVE across the galaxy.

3. Kung Fu Panda

Have you ever imagined a panda doing Kung Fu? If no, that's because you haven't seen Po yet. A panda who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu finally (by accident) becomes a part of town's strongest Kung Fu idols. Watching him will for sure make you laugh out loud.

4. Zootopia

This is everyone's favorite. So, if you haven't seen this one, you should. Zootopia, a metropolis city with all mammals living in it. When a rabbit for the first time joins the police, the already troubled adorable creature meets Nick, a wily fox who adds more to the task.

5. Lion King

A story on adventures of a young lion Simba who returns to take back his homeland from Scar, a wicked uncle who tried to kill Simba and his father.

6. Grave of the Fireflies

A heartbreaking survival of 2 siblings, a brother and his sister who got separated from their parents during World War II. All they both had was each other to rely on.

7. Beauty and the Beast

The love story of how a girl Belle converts a cold-hearted beast into a loving young prince. This will surely make you realize that power of love can break any isolation. 

8. Hotel Transylvania

Any guesses where do all the monsters hide? The giant spider, the big foot, invisible man, the Frankenstein or the Dracula himself? If not, then you must watch the story of a Dracula father who celebrates his daughter's 118th birthday and invites every dreadful creature to Hotel Transylvania.

9. How To Train Your Dragon

What will you do if you find an injured dragon? Especially, when your whole clan is in a fight against dragons? Well, I can't tell what you would do, but this little teenager named Hiccup befriends him and trains him. The story of his adventures and how he changes the whole course of his clan is what this movie is all about. A must watch for fantasy lovers.

10. Inside Out

Do you ever wonder how your brain works? Well, this movie is about our senses, the joy, anger, sadness, fear and disgust and how they respond when Riley and her family shifts to San Francisco. 

11. Kubo and the Two Strings

The fantasy story when Young Kubo accidentally summons a vengeful spirit from the past.

12. Monsters Inc

Remember the fear of someone beneath your bed? Or the moment when you find someone near your cupboards? Let me tell you that your fear of the so called another world is true. And Monsters Incorporation is the biggest scare house of the monster world. I hope you like Sullivan with a huge body, blue fur, large purple spots and a horn.

13. Moana

The story of an adventurous teenage girl who sails on a daring mission to save her people. And in the end, she finds what she has been looking always- her own identity.

14. Big Hero 6

A nurse companion robot Baymax made by an older brother for taking care of people, who is found by the younger brother Hiro after his brother's death. Hiro then transforms Baymax and his other friend into high-tech heroes. Baymax is adorable!

15. Rango

Rango, a chameleon who by luck becomes sheriff of a town named Dirt. He believes in role playing and due to this, in the end, is forced to become a real hero.So now you have the best 15 animated movies to watch, what are you waiting for? Don't forget to share this with your friends and let them also add a little animation to their life.For suggestions, reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.