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9 Salon Etiquettes You Must Know To Save Yourself From A Bad Experience

Paying a visit to a salon can sometimes be the hell of an experience. Take me for instance, I was this near to losing it (a centimeter between thumb and index finger) when the hairstylist almost burned my poor hair to shreds with her super awesome blow-drying skills (note the sarcasm). You ask how? Because I told her to do whatever she liked. She tried something and this happened. Genius much? I know. There have been many instances like this. But not everything that happens results in something bad. There are good times too that's why to head for these beauty hubs right? The right place to pamper yourself, to fulfill those hair goals hashtags, or to get a relaxing spa massage. It is rightly said, great hair doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment.So here are some super effective tips and things I am sharing with you. Read them and find out how many of them you preach.

#1 Schedule an appointment beforehand

You might be giving me the 'Duh! Obviously' reaction but trust me, this happens. It gets easier for you as well as the salon to get notified prior, to avoid any last minute 'sorry we're occupied' or 'we're closed today'. Also, it is better for the staff to know in advance that you are expected and the service you’re coming in for.

#2 Give details about what service you wish to avail

Unlike me, I advise you to tell your stylist or the staff which type of service you are expecting. Be it a mani, pedi or a snip-snap, give them your preferences and avoid letting it slip in their hands saying 'do as you like'. Obviously, this can also happen that what they try comes out just fine or even better, but what if it doesn't? So put your risk taking ability in the backseat.

#3 Chat or no chat?

Are you a chatterbox baby and can't keep calm? I have a good news for you. It doesn't matter if you have a chatter tatter with your stylist/assistant or wish to stay mum. You know why? They don't mind talking or chatting with you altogether. No, they absolutely don't bitch about it. Awesome isn't it? Feel free to have a talk with them and share your mind. 

#4 Running behind the ticks? 

It happens at times when you are running behind time for your scheduled appointment. And what did you do about it? Option A- Didn't show up? Very unprofessional etiquette dude! Option B- Cancelled it? You took a less disregarding way. Do better next time. Option C- Rescheduled it? Hmm, can be thought about. Option D- Called ahead and apologized for the delay? Take a bow! You did right. Yes, it is the proper manner to call for when you feel you can't reach on time.

#5 My BFF is calling and damn I can't avoid it.

Girls, it is not a salon sin to take or make a call during your beauty time as long as you do not make it too long and distracting. Yes, it is advisable to make calls for a shorter time span when sitting on the hot seat getting prepped. Be careful of what you talk as it is a fact that it can be sometimes annoying or disturbing for the staff. P.S. – Even walls grow ears to hear that 'pretty talk' of yours. *fact noted*.

#6 Don't blame me always! The stylist was late.

Okay okay! This time it was the stylist at fault. But hey calm your titties girl, no need to go all hulk over them. Just take a deep breath, ask for their reason of delay, and enquire how earliest they can take up your appointment. Patience has always been the best virtue.

#7 Tipping: Yay or Nay?

According to many salons and stylists, it is counted as a salon etiquette to tip the staff helping you with or assigned to you. Most of the times, its 15-20 percent of your total, but you can change it as per your wish. But what if you re-visit for slight changes or fixes? Tip again? Most stylists and salon owners believe that it isn't necessary for clients to tip again. Moreover, it isn't expected until the client is satisfied with it. Note it, Ladies, it is not a big deal. No fretting!

#8 Nails weren't done properly? Don't hesitate visit again.

There is no problem in giving your salon or stylist a second visit if you feel unsatisfied or something seems missing. Most salons and stylists happily welcome their clients for a redo or any unattended request. And about tipping again, as I mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to you to do that again as you did your part on your earlier visit. 

#9 Your feedback is helpful

Never, I said never ever hesitate to give a feedback to your stylists. Happy or not happy, let them know what you think about that and them. They will appreciate your effort to make them grow. Fretting and shouting 2 days after your initial visit will do nothing, but you are sure to make a scene of yourself. But remember, keep your personal grudges and budging out of the door.How was it? Share with me your experiences and hit like, comment and share to let your friends see how many etiquettes do they follow.